Sony Is On A Roll With These WTF PlayStation Ads

Kotaku - Last time we checked into Latin American ads, we saw Sony try to sell people on PlayStation products using a most unusual premise. Oh, but it seems that it's not the only ad in the campaign.

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Majin-vegeta1453d ago

Lmfao at the guy pix xD. For those who don't know Spanish.It reads."Playing makes you forget your wife is expecting triplets".

nukeitall1452d ago

I find this ads kind of insulting.

For a short while I thought Sony gaining MS old advertising company and their showing indicated a major positive change.

Instead we are back to the old Sony with weird ads.

Escapism is good, but not like this.

Stick to the awesome "greatnes awaits" ads instead and ads that relate to more mature people instead of 12-year olds.

Neixus1452d ago

You shouldn't let things get so easy to you. If you find that insulting, you must have an hard time through secondary school / high school.

1452d ago
godofboobees1452d ago

Gently remove your tampon

T21452d ago

Dont even reply to nukeitall . Known troll , will defend ms like his own firstborn

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Godlovesgamers1452d ago

I noticed a bit of a mistranslation for the girls ad shown in the corner. It's really:

Playing, you don't care that your boyfriend hasn't called you.

N4g_null1452d ago

Ouch... that is depressing...

TheFinalEpisode1452d ago

And of course they don't even bother to make sure the girl is holding the controller correctly -_-

rezzah1452d ago

The way she holds it isn't an issue, your fingers don't have to be in a fixed position to play video games.

Etseix1452d ago

the problem is the translation kotaku did ""You won't care if your boyfriend doesn't call while playing."

the correct translation is "While playing you won't care that your boyfriend hasn't called you yet"

P.S: Loving the triplets one haha

kreate1452d ago

When it comes to advertising, sony is lost.

I enjoy watching Microsoft ads but with sony ads, idk if I'm looking at a fake parody ad or if its something sony really came up with.

Cuz It leaves me with this creepy feeling and I get a wtf face.

Their best ad was the all-stars team coming out in the pub.

Even kevin butler was a epic fail in my opinion.

I just don't think any soccer mom went out and bought a ps3 for their child after watching a kevin butler ad.

Was that his name? Kevin butler? Can't remember anymore.

xHeavYx1452d ago

What!? The Kevin Butler adds were amazing

kreate1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

kevin butler was amazing. i agree.
but the soccer mom didnt buy a ps3 for her child
after watching kevin butler.

only gamers who already owned a ps3 enjoyed kevin butler. most of everyone else didnt care.

and 1 of the ad, some people got offended by it that made headlines.

wenaldy1452d ago

That lady is hella fine.

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