The Hunt for Weapons of Mass Distraction

Late last week an eight year old boy shot his elderly grandmother in the head, an unknown length of time after he reportedly played Grand Theft Auto IV. News outlets across the world picked up the tragic story and immediately began to draw a connection between the video game and the death, blaming the tragedy solely on GTA. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

It is such a sad event that is being overshadowed by the media in hopes to blame video games, which makes it all the more depressing.

ftwrthtx1450d ago

The game is rated M. Why was he even allowed to play?

Foolsjoker1450d ago

Also, how was he able to get to it without being noticed, if he was being 'babysat'?

dbjj120881450d ago

I am horrified that... wow this game looks kind of fun!

TrendyGamers1450d ago

Interesting to know that the boy wasn't charged with anything.

Foolsjoker1450d ago

There seems to be more responsibility in a virtual world than in the real one.

FantasyStar1450d ago

That's a sad way to go. 87 years old only to get a bullet in the back of your head. Not exactly 100 worst ways to die, but it's up there on my personal list.

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