Call of Duty 4 Variety Pack Videos

G4 has footage from all four of the new Call of Duty 4 maps.

Remember, the maps release next week for the PlayStation 3 when the store comes back online.

One video here, three more at G4.

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Science_NERD3901d ago

Noone cares about these maps for ps3 get the point already. If they released them when the xbox was released people would have bought them, sorry but my money went to purchase gta4 and mgs4 pre-orders, F#[email protected] call of duty 4 maps

clintos593901d ago

Only thing is with GTA4 so close damn im not sure to grab these maps anymore and why so late for the ps3 version. Besides that rainbow six vegas 2 has been tons of fun, and with MGS4 right around the corner, damn these maps are going to be forgotten.

drdre743901d ago

yeah I agree with the first two comments. With GTA the same week and then MGS4 right behind it I'm not sure I'll drop the 10 bucks for these maps now. Its messed up that they only care about making money off the 360 when the game sold pretty good on the PS3.