Sexism Dings Killer Is Dead

Suda51's latest draws wide range of scores, cheers for style, jeers for technical mishaps, misogyny.

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j-blaze1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

if anyone think sexual jokes/comedy and beautifully designed characters in this game sexist then you have serious problems, let's see if anyone will complain about GTA5 heavy and disgusting sexual contents when it's out

CrossingEden1512d ago

There is absolutely nothing that beautifully designed about these generic female characters. At least in GTA the context is there. Stop defending virtual tits every chance you get.

j-blaze1512d ago

bet you already have Killer Is Dead and enjoying it!

wheresmymonkey1512d ago

For everyone crying foul of the gigolo missions in this game here's a little piece of advice. How about asking a woman what she thinks about them before running your mouth.

I actually sat there with my wife while i played through the gigolo missions, she thought they were funny.

the only part she took offence to was when Bryan starts saying that only men love steam engines and trains.

kreate1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

I never played this game so I might be a little off here but..

"only men love steam engines and trains"

I never met or heard of a woman loving steam engines and trains. Let alone take any interest in it.

So Idk why she would be offended.

Cirehpsa1512d ago

Maybe because she likes steam engines and trains?

rextraordinaire1512d ago

Some persons really need to go check the definition of misogyny. How is admiration of the female body considered hatred towards women? Seriously.

It's sleaze, hell yeah. Crass, maybe, depends of your taste. Distasteful to some, I can understand. But misogyny? No.

Cirehpsa1512d ago

Indeed, if I hated women I wouldn't portray them as beautiful but as hideous monsters.

Bakkies1512d ago

Let's say the game is sexist. What of it? So the game must be burned like a old fashioned book burning? The developers must be locked up, to show the world free speech is a hoax?

For Feminists: You'll be in the front lines of war soon enough, because "you can do anything a man can". Can't handle a girl in a bikini on the TV? Lets see you handle your best friends broken corpse in your arms on the battlefield.

Maybe it's time to man up, or shut up.

wheresmymonkey1511d ago

They already are. I have a female friend who spent 3 months in afghanistan on the front lines as a medic.