EA: We're "slamming" CoD with new innovation

EA: Battlefield outsold Call of Duty in certain EU countries, we're "slamming" them with new innovation

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-Foxtrot1934d ago

Well that is the reason why I would like to see Battlefield outdo COD in least DICE push themselves to make Battlefield better unlike COD where they think the stuff they are adding now is "innovation" and "next gen worthy" when really it's not

DoomeDx1934d ago

I hate CoD and I used to love battlefield.

But the jump from BF3 to BF4 is pretty cod-ish to me.

-Foxtrot1934d ago

Ever thought that it might because they thought having Battlefield 4 to go along side next gen and their improved Frostbite engine would be better "sales wise" then doing Bad Company 3 for the start of next gen

clearelite1934d ago

I will probably pick up Killzone Shadow Fall day one and wait to see if BF4 is truly unique. I also wish it was Bad Company 3 but they have other plans.

Hufandpuf1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

How so?

The only comparison I'd make is that they both have Team Deathmatch.

HammadTheBeast1934d ago

You're right in one way. BF4 is what BF3 should've been.

CoD Ghosts however, just shows that Activision never learn.

BaronVonRhett1934d ago

I really don't think you have been paying much attention to all the new stuff they are trying to give us. I mean, sure, it isn't a huge change, but why ruin a good thing right? And what did you want from them that would be such a drastic change?

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showtimefolks1934d ago

I hate COD as much as the next guy but atleast there isn't a huge learning curve with COD, Ghosts will do better than BF4 guaranteed

end of the day both are FPS only improving on their prior games, neither side is doing anything innovative

BF4 isn't gonna sell 20 million
COD isn't gonna sell less than 20 million

excaliburps1934d ago

EA's estimates for BF4 are higher than BF3...and considering BF3 sold more than 17+ million units, reaching 20 million isn't out of the question.

ShadowL91934d ago

This is what I've been hearing from people who have played the game. It's basically the same Battlefield 3 with slightly better graphics and destruction and scripted set piece destruction like the skyscraper falling and the ship crashing on shore in the new map. Of course there is now more naval focus in the game, which is more innovation than CoD is doing but really, neither game is doing anything too crazy.

MizTv1934d ago

Ill take bf over cod any day of the week

RmanX10001934d ago

Sorry battlefield but... DOGZ!!!!

Majin-vegeta1934d ago


Regis1934d ago

I don't usually agree, but when I do it's because of a funny comment.

TheBurger291934d ago

haha project spark has fish that WE can program to do anything we want!

Activemessiah1934d ago

Didn't the fish in Mario 64 move out the way?

Hufandpuf1934d ago

When I saw the fish move, it was like the second coming of Jesus.

Swiggins1934d ago

"Bloody Screen, so Real!!!"

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shadow27971934d ago

Fish AI. That's all I have to say.

Pascalini1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Fish AI jokes are getting a bit old now

Avernus1934d ago

CoD and "innovation" shouldn't be in the same line, far less the same paragraph.

I appreciate the fact that people buy it, and play the life out of it. But even the most diehard CoD fans know that there hasn't been much innovation in CoD in a LONG time.

Next gen systems give them an open door to be creative and do something new. From what I see of CoD: Ghost it looks like another title i won't be buying from that franchise.

jackanderson19851934d ago

the zombies game by Treyarch get better each DLC i have to admit... the latest one is actually pretty decent.

the main MP though yeah that's just more of the same yearly

JetsFool35001934d ago

That is the only reason I buy cod for the zombies everything else is just trash

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