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The PS4's Halo Effect On The PS Vita Is Kicking Into Overdrive

ET writes: "We’re now less than three months away from the PS4 launch, and Sony’s momentum in the gaming industry has only increased. Countless developers are lining up to support the PS4, the Xbox One continues to struggle with its identity, and the PlayStation Vita’s value is seemingly getting better by the day." (Industry, PS Vita, PS4)

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STANK08  +   233d ago
Nothing can hide the fact that the Vita has no games. Meaning, There are little to no games "crafted" specifically for the Vita. Without tailored made experiences, the Vita is no more than a glorified second screen companion for the PS4.

And yes I own A Vita. I picked mine up at launch for PS3 remote play purposes promised by Sony.
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LOGICWINS  +   233d ago
I'm sure if the Vita doesn't do well this holiday that Sony will come out with that $499 PS4/Vita bundle a lot sooner than they originally planned.

At this point they want to see how many people are willing to buy the PS4/Vita separately for 600 bucks before giving the Vita away for $99.

A $199 Vita will sway a few people who were on the fence, but ultimately that "rumor" of a PS4/Vita will will only lead to people holding out on BOTH the PS4 and Vita. This won't be a problem this year since the PS4 will sell out regardless, but once Spring 2014 hits and the PS4 becomes easily available, all the hardcore Sony fanboys will have already bought a PS4(and likely also to have a Vita since Feb 2012)...and Sony will have to rely on the other 97% of their fanbase that want a Vita/PS4 but don't want to pay $599 to get both (as evidenced by these people not buying at launch).
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14Feb-R  +   233d ago
You expecting a 100$ vita ?. I wouldn't mind if it cost 1$ but that's just not reasonable. 200$ is really cheap now considering that the vita only been out for a year , Vita have games but not a lot of AAA games, Remove that problem and look how everyone race to get one :P . Costs was never the problem , it just need something un resistible , tekken fans would buy a vita if it have one , that's just an example.

Plus , it need to be more open in apps . I want to have tango instead of skype in vita , that would be awesome :) . That's just one example of how great that would be :P
LOGICWINS  +   233d ago
"You expecting a 100$ vita ?. I wouldn't mind if it cost 1$ but that's just not reasonable."

Ummm....yeah. Thats what I said. At THIS point, its not reasonable because the price just dropped last week and there plenty of people out there who will be happy to buy a Vita out there for $199(especially on Black Friday).

HOWEVER, if there ISN'T a dramatic shift in sales by the end of the year, then we WILL see that $499 PS4/Vita bundle by the second quarter of next year.

"Vita have games but not a lot of AAA games, Remove that problem and look how everyone race to get one"

And in your opinion did Sony fix that problem at Gamescom? I keep hearing "if Sony did this" or "when Sony does that". Thats the problem with the Vita. Its a console thats expected to be sold by promises that will manifest at some undisclosed time in the future. Its the same reason why no one besides the hardcore Sony elite gave a hoot about the PS3 in 2006-2008.
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trafalger  +   233d ago
game developers will be paying close attention to holiday sales. if the lower price makes a big difference expect a lot more games coming. the more hardware sold means game developers are more likely to support it.

the above was taken directly out of michael pachters handbook.
miyamoto  +   232d ago
Don't go far ahead of yourself too much, mate.

Look at the world around you outside of your computer monitor.

You'll be amazed in real life that many hardcore adult gamers who own Vita's are Xbox 360 gamers and don't even have PS3s specially here in America.

Many practical hadrcore gamers out number internet warriors in real life.

And I hope you guys haven't forgot about Gaikai cloud gaming.
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Bennibop  +   233d ago
Could not disagree more! Kill zone is looking and playing brilliant, tear away, borderlands 2 and batman to come plus already have lbp, uncharted, wipeout, assassins creed and plenty of Indy support never been happier with a mobile device,
Transporter47  +   233d ago
I hate when people say it doesn't have any games, it doesn't have triple AAA games, but they failed to either see them, they say its an indie machine but tell me, are we here to play games or judge them because they haven't used millions of dollars to develop them?
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darkride66  +   233d ago
I certainly haven't felt the Vita lacked games. I lack time to play all the games I want to play on my Vita.
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Rimfro  +   233d ago
But it's not a lack of games, it's a lack of good games that I can only experience on the Vita. Name 10 games that can't be purchased on a tablet, the PS3, or another Sony device in some form. The standouts for me are Escape Plan, Gravity Rush, and the 999 follow-up. Nearly everything else can be played on another platform that a true Sony fan likely owns. Nobody is trying to hurt your feelings by stating that they have been underwhelmed by their $250 purchase, thus far.
Inception  +   233d ago

"But it's not a lack of games, it's a lack of good games that I can only experience on the Vita. Name 10 games that can't be purchased on a tablet, the PS3, or another Sony device in some form."

Ys Celceta
Escape Plan
Murasaki Baby
Freedom Wars
Soul Sacrifice
Silent Hill: Book of Memories
Valhalla Knights 3
KZ: Mercenary

There, you got 12 good games (imho) that exclusive for Vita and can't be purchased on tablet, PS3, or any sony device.

And yes, i don't have a Vita and i'm planning on buying one in the end of this year with Ys Celceta, Tearaway, Muramasa Rebirth, and P4G. So i don't understand why some people keep replaying the mantra of "Vita doesn't have any games" over and over again. Maybe this people are stupid, 100% brain dead, or just a hater.
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darkride66  +   233d ago
What the hell does it matter if a game is a port of a PS3 game? If I haven't played it on the PS3 yet, it's new to me. I've never understood the mentality of people who write of game ports as someone not counting. A good game is a good game, no matter what platform it's on. We don't argue that a game like Dishonored doesn't count as a decent game because it's available on multiple platforms, yet people make that argument with Vita ports all the time. Ridiculous.
Inception  +   233d ago

I never understand that too. Because two from three games that i got when i'm bought a 3DS is a port (Zelda OoT and Tales of the Abyss) from N64 and PS2. But those games still gave me tons of fun. So why Vita can't have the same step is beyond my comprehension.
Joe913  +   232d ago
I agree I am in the KillZone beta and think once people see this they will see how good a AAA game should look on vita. I think all it needs is a Infamous, GT or DC, and or a Metal Gear if Kojima put a Metal Gear on the vita exclusively then it would sell the damn thing people buy consoles for Metal Gear lol.
XisThatKid  +   233d ago
I understand how you feel but I have to disagree. I love my Vita I barely use remote play currently but the controller opion for LBP is awesome. your description for the Vita is aplied only to you and like minded gamers. I've had mine for bout a year and I love it. Im using it to type this right now. Def more than a second screen imo. With games like Uncharted, Grav Rush, Stealth inc, Soul sacrifice, a bunch of RPGs, PSone and PSP games justified my time with it with many more games.

Now I'm not saying its not unerdeveloped but its definently more than my glorified second srceen.
levian  +   233d ago
Love how many disagrees you got, that's retarded. Say anything negative about anything that isn't Microsoft and people instantly hate you for it.

Time for the obligatory - No, I'm not a Microsoft fanboy, I own a PS3, PS2, PS1, PS Vita and no Microsoft consoles.
Rimfro  +   233d ago

You might want to be careful, because even though you own it, and want those unique vita experiences, and keep waiting for it show you something that makes you say, "Man, I'm glad I own this device, because it offered me an experience I've never seen before!", you'll be disagreed with to no end or accused of trolling. It doesn't matter that you want to see the system improve and that you dropped the cash as an early adopter. If you don't say, "OMG, The Vita is the bestest thing since Rolaids!", you are a trolling, hating, ignorant, jerk.

Opinions can prove fatal when dealing with the Gestapo... (Disagree all you want, it doesn't change the fact that it's an impressive system with nearly limitless potential, and arguably the best first-party studios in all of gaming, but hasn't really offered anything unique that can't be achieved somewhere else, and it's biggest selling point for the immediate future touted by Sony itself, is the ability to stream PS4 games to it and use it as a second screen.)
LordNikon  +   233d ago
He said the Vita has NO games though. But the Vita does have games, people will disagree with that because its not true. Hyperbolic drivel like that is not acceptable just because he was disappointed with amount of AAA games on his device.
Mr_Writer85  +   232d ago
Why is the PS3 in your argument?

In that case take away every Mario, Zelda game, take away Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing and Prof Layton games on the 3DS as they are all on the Wii/WiiU.

Infact does the 3DS have ANY exclusive first party IP's?


Yet you named 2 on the Vita yet still use this as a stick to beat the Vita with.
Joe913  +   232d ago
I think they are leaning on the indie for the uniqe games but I dont think that will sell the vita like I said in comment above they need something like COD done right or Metal Gear people can say what they want about new uniqe games which I have no problem with but I bet you that if they put a Metal Gear Solid on the vita with no touch controls the vita will sell like crazy. Metal Gear sells consoles COD could if it was exclusive. But to me there are a lot of kool touch features in the KZ game and the Uncharted game that makes sense and don't feel like they are forcing you to use the touch pad.
dcj0524  +   233d ago
GRAVITY RUSH was the only convincing I needed. You should get you're brain checked out. Because you must be completely incompetent to say the "VITA has no games". That statement is so retarted. Espically considering the vita better/more games in it's first year than PS3 or 360 combined.The 3DO has no games.The jaguar has no games. But to say the VITA has/had no games is so ignorant beyond belief.

Ignorance is bliss I suppose.
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Rimfro  +   233d ago
It's not ignorance, I own nearly 100gb of games for primary use on my Vita. It's the fact that I had already played most of them on my PS3, PS2, PS1, or even a tablet, and many of them could be directly played ony PS3 in better form, or as a full featured experience ala Uncharted, LBP, Guacamelee, etc. I have purchased every system Sony has released, and had to have a backup hd because I filled my 500gb with games only. I have owned every version of the ps3 this gen and even went as far as having a second to install in my wife's Honda Odyssey due to it's excellent Blu-ray playback. (And the fact that PS+ keeps throwing more games at me than I know what to do with.)

Maybe I only see things this way because I also own a 3DS. I'm used to games on Nintendo handhelds being designed in such a way that I can't have that same experience on any other gaming platform. I want that from my Vita. Especially since it has so many different types of control inputs to utilize. It needs more urgent support from Sony in the tune of exclusive games that utilize exactly what it is that makes the Vita unique in the first place. I didn't buy it to have PS3-lite, or to be used as an emulator. I want Vita hardware-specific experiences more often than a handful of times.
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ricochetmg  +   233d ago
@stank08 the wii has no games...the vita has a lot of games
snitch_puck  +   232d ago
I respect your opinion. But it really STANK! yuck! haha.
sckipt  +   233d ago
The vita will turn into the ps3 except portable hopefully
stage88  +   233d ago
Pretty much.
tubers  +   233d ago
Only in Japan, realistically speaking.. as it's becoming more of a PS3 multi-platform device there.

Plenty of Western 3rd party seem to be too busy milking the iOS/Android trend. They'd rather do these low investment games with likely "enough" returns (Deus Ex? Dead Space? Mass Effect? Cheap sports and racers?).
objdadon  +   233d ago
I've been a launch purchaser of a vita and have not regretted it one bit! It is a steal to be able to get it at 199.99!
sckipt  +   233d ago
well i wouldn't say a steal because you have to buy the 80$ and 18$ ps+ and memory card for true experience and 300$(includes tax) is something id rather use for ps4 but when the vita gets even cheaper a gaikia proves worth then i will probably buy it
DarkHeroZX  +   233d ago
actually you can get the cheap 4-8 gig and I've seen 16 gigs for $30. Abd PS+ works across all your PS devices so its really a non issue. And with PS= you already got atleast 6 games to play right there.
Protagonist  +   233d ago

Nah you dont have to buy the "80$ and 18$ ps+ and memory card for true experience".

My experience is true enough with my launch 4GB and physical games.

I only downloaded a couple of games, one which was P3P, played it through once again (since I already own and played my physical PSP copy twice) and then stored it on my PS3 (could also have stored it on my PC, which means I have plenty of GB)

And am getting the physical copies of Killzone, Batman and Tearaway, so no need for a bigger mem for me.
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Rimfro  +   233d ago
Yeah, but $30 for 16gb is still ridiculously overpriced in today's market. I've never paid more than $20 for 32gb of sd memory in my life. It's not like the Vita memory offers faster read/write speeds to justify it's inflated price. Other than the fact that they make it a special shape or size, how does it command a 200% increased msrp over similar and faster memory of the industry standard. Don't get me wrong, if you are concerned about if you can afford the memory for the system, you should probably not even be buying a new console (you probably can't afford it), but let's not pretend that the prices on Vita memory are some kind of value.
staticdash22  +   233d ago
The PS Vita has a high attach rate. So consumers that generally get their hands on the system, love it. Sony did right by removing one barrier from increasing the install base, which was the high price. The first party vita games coming are good, but the third parties need to step up and help out. Nothing is gonna change if someone doesn't take a risk.
GdaTyler  +   233d ago
Don't know why you get disagrees because what you said was spot on.
snitch_puck  +   232d ago
probably disagreed by STANK and his gang on the first comments.
CocoWolfie  +   233d ago
vita is one of the finest handhelds out there, i saw a post on gamespot saying 20 dollars cheaper, and i can play it full resolution (pc) then someone replied and said 20 dollars cheaper and i can play it on top of a mountain :p (vita) that its funnily enough true, other mobile devices only have limited controls or are mostly all touch screen based but the vitas great, we dont have that many stellar games but we have enough to make me not regret purchasing it :)
naBs  +   233d ago
Tbh, I think the Vita is a very under rated piece of equipment, people should stop down talking it and actually take advantage of what it really has to offer, they may actually enjoy it more than they know lol. I think it's going to do well regardless anyway, especially with the PS4 around the corner and remote play support on every PS4 title :D Can't wait to pick mine up ^_^
tubers  +   233d ago
Sony should definitely tame the memory card pricing more and really push PS Plus on the VITA.

Those combination is a very good starting set to get a good feel/experience with the system before plunging hundreds of dollars of buying games they may not be too sure or confident with.
luisvideogames  +   233d ago
How is Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Wipeout 2048, and Dokuro, not a good enough push? (North America)

Not to mention these games planned to be added in the future:

-Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation (PS Vita)
-Guacamelee! (PS3/PS Vita)
-Hotline Miami (PS3/PS Vita)
-LittleBigPlanet PS Vita (PS Vita)
-Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PS Vita)
-PixelJunk Monsters (PS Vita)
-Plants vs. Zombies (PS Vita)

I will definitely have to upgrade to a 16GB or even 32GB with all these free games for my Vita!
Kevlar009  +   233d ago
The Vita is doing more for itself than the PS4. Do you think people are going to buy a PS4 then buy a Vita because you can play your PS4 games on it? No, people are going to buy a Vita for the features and a great library at a great price.

The only way I see the PS4 helping is people buy PS4, trust Sony products, then value a Vita with that trust over other products. But in the end it's going to be the innate value to price that helps the Vita. No one want to pay $200 for a handheld TV for their PS4 (maybe a few but not many)
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tubers  +   233d ago
The PS4 (w/c is ultimately magnitudes more popular than Sony's new handheld) may essentialy do more for the VITA than the VITA itself have been doing because of "indirect VITA ads" Sony may put on PS4 banners/slip ins/etc.
joel_c17  +   233d ago
I love my vita
AceofStaves  +   233d ago
Love the Vita. It's a great multimedia device. I use it daily and have never regretted my launch edition purchase. I'm hoping TGS will see some JRPGs announced - still have to preorder my Ys Celceta limited edition.
Pillsbury1  +   233d ago
The vita is Ana amazing piece of hardware. This pad weekend I took it to Vegas and had an awesome time in the room playing killzone mercenaries multiplayer beta. Sony is already taking the right steps with the price drop, now they just need to put that awesome marketing team on it.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   233d ago
This is total fiction.
kingPoS  +   233d ago
I've seen this alot on the Vita... people taking offence at the existence of ports. Nevermind if a great game, in their minds it doesn't count unless it's all new original title.

Who wouldn't think twice to buy gta5 if were ported to ps4 xb1 and pc.

Bu..bu..bu..but it's a port!
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dcj0524  +   233d ago
Exactly. I don't understand how getting most wanted, Ninja Gaiden, Borderlands 2, SLY 4 ect is a bad thing. The slogan of the VITA is Console Quality gaming on the go.
dredgewalker  +   232d ago
I actually don’t mind ports as long as they’re good games. People who complain about the vita not having games don’t actually own one. It not only has it’s own games but it has access to the psp and ps1 library which makes it very large. Let them lie and complain all they want , in the end they’re the ones who are looking ignorant.
jspillen  +   232d ago
I actually like a number of the games on the Vita, and for a console only a year and a half old it actually has a lot of games.

Uncharted, Assassins Creed, Gravity Rush, Need for Speed, Capcom Vs. Marvel, Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty, Soul Sacrifice, Muramasa, Dragon's Crown, Rayman, Street Fighter x Tekken, P4G, Metal Gear Solid, Fifa, and MLB the Show.

No Games ? That's a pretty damn good list in 20 seconds, off the top of my head. And we both know I could keep going.
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