The Xbox One And PS4 Look Amazing, But Sony And Microsoft Have No Way To Show You

The evolution of video game consoles includes features like online gaming, social networking, new controllers, and new formats like the GD-ROM and, most recently, Blu-Ray. Still, the feature that drives consumers above any other, or at least arguably, is graphics.

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Rimeskeem1906d ago

nah they have shown what they are capable of right now so i think they have showed a little at least

XB1_PS41906d ago

Reading what this article said made me even more excited to get my consoles. I'm ready to slap this on my big screen and get trapped in these worlds.

Youtube videos don't do them justice.

Thatguy-3101906d ago

Ryse and Infamous Second Son look amazing!

1906d ago
christocolus1906d ago

Yup..very true. Forza looked great too and i really liked that sony indie title that plays like ico..its a nice time to be a gamer..

kurac1906d ago

@christocolus, please, what is that game that plays like ico?

shivvy241905d ago

Its called rime ! Really looks amazing !

christocolus1905d ago

@ kurc its called rime, i can see shivvy24 has already answered the question. thanks man..that game looks awesome

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falviousuk1906d ago

a good example of what went previously as to how games can improve over time once developers get to grips with the hardware and have time to produce games. Launch games are always created in shorter time frames to meet a deadline.

Just look at COD 2 a launch game for the 360 and compare that to COD Modern Warfare. The graphical and gameplay changes were large. IF we can expect the same thing to happen with this upcoming generation then we truly are in for some amazing gaming experiences.

I cant wait to see a next gen Mass Effect title.

slimeybrainboy1906d ago

Yep Resistance Fall of Man looks like a bad PS2 game when you look back at it. There's zero design innovation or technical fidelity.

Mounce1905d ago

"But they have no way to show you"

I swear, that's what Games are for....

webeblazing1905d ago

i get what your saying but he saying that because video compression on the internet and that playing it in person is different. like people have been saying for the longest. there is a lot of common since in this article.

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thekhurg1906d ago

I think Sony has proven very well that the PS4 is an exceptionally capable machine that can achieve some impressive graphical performances right out of the gate.

Redgehammer1906d ago

I agree, but so has Microsoft. For those of you experiencing the next generation in November, high freaking five no matter your choice ( go X1).

HammadTheBeast1906d ago

X1 all the way for Ryse and Forza.

PS4 for Killzone and Driveclub, and PS2.

Although KZ imo is truly pushing next-gen with amazing graphics, at 60 FPS and 1080 p.

rainslacker1905d ago

I'm really excited for next gen. The lead up has been rough, but when you put away all that fan boy stuff, the games look great, and some cool titles coming right off the bat.

user74029311906d ago

next gen consoles still have way more to show

ape0071906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

good point, keep in mind the optimization skills that devs are learning these days will help more

ape0071906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

imo i think gfx is the last thing we should think about in nextgen, because

1-late current gen games like last of us, gta v and halo 4 still look great even after seeing Nextgen games, this is the first time i experienced this, once i saw MGS2 demo, MGS 1 look completely like crap compared to it and so forth until this gen

2-everyone can do great gfx these days, it's not something hard, indie games like warframe has great graphics, heck even casual modders (gta 4 ENB mod) can do great gfx

even the "massively underpowered" wiiu compared to nextgen (on paper) has mario kart 8 which almost looked like CG

it's all about the Gamplay, all gfx now have passed the "ugly point" imo

creativity, gameplay, game design, story, atmosphere and art style is stuff we should focus on

im so glad that both nextgen systems are easy to develop for so devs can waste less time as possible in technical stuff :)

dalibor1906d ago

Right on. I want it all but mainly great AI and gameplay. Who the heck only want's graphics and no kick*ss AI or gameplay. I mean how many games out there have a sophisticated AI that really behave individually and can surprise you? Not many. We need more games where you play it 20 times and each time enemies do something different and spawn at random points so you never experience the same play through once. That would be really awesome.

Omar911906d ago

the last of us does this very well. Hopefully this trend continues an moves on to the next gen.

falviousuk1906d ago

i believe GTA V will show us exactly what the current gen consoles are capable off with a good team behind the game. From what we are seeing so far, the game looks stunning, has an insane amount of content and things to do. And all with 512MB of memory to work with.

Imagine GTA VI on next gen platforms. *salivates*

Dobgamers1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Well Said Ape well said +1 bubble

N4g_null1905d ago

Very good points, keep thinking like this and you are going to have a great gen my friend! Ill be getting each consoles for the games not specs anyway.

webeblazing1905d ago

why did they come out with a new console again? why are you buying a new console again? lets not get high and mighty and say it all about the gameplay, because where seeing the same thing we always been seeing. i get it we what to play fun games, but dont sit here in be in denial say that the article aint right we buy new consoles because of gfx. if not we would be begging them to postpone the launch of these systems for cheaper current consoles, for more install base, for more support, for more games.

did you know gfx can effect gameplay did it for me with killzone 2. playing online with fog, explosions everywhere, and tactical smoke nades always had snipers changing spot.

why everybody clown on the wii u all their games being played in a new way, and wii fans was bashed to no end.

why everybody on this site clown on xbone. because the ps4 gonna be 40% more powerful. yeah thats gonna make a difference game wise. people never seem to care about the games or gameplay card then.

ps games alway goes outside the box, but dont kidd yourself. everybody would be pissed and complaining if they came out and said new systems would play games at 720p 60fps and look only a lil better for 300.

ape0071905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

don't get me wrong, yes nextgen will be better than current gen in everything, i want my favorite game GTA to be released on nextgen of course

if u have a talented team, gfx can push gameplay boundaries, yes it's a fact, im not taking anything away form teh importance of gfx

what i meant by my comment is that there are no need to moan, complain, nitpick and bash other games for "not achieving highest graphical quality" anymore, we should give gfx its worth, not overrate it

everything look adequate, no need for bashing, if something look outstanding, it get praised, if other games looked less than that, they are still good looking to any human eye

webeblazing1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

oh my fault i completely agree with you foot in mouth lol bubz

we need more of this kind of thinking tho

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