SSR Ep 49: Sony wins Gamescom and Saints Row IV wins everything else

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user74029311939d ago

i agree sony won but saints row? no way danny

black0o1939d ago

Sony simply showed what's the ps4 launch 'd be great AAA games and A- psn games like shadow of the best.. etc

and a lot of the 3rd-parties support WATCH dogs AC4 ..etc

sony didnt just win GC they dominated the SHOW price cute for vita/ps3 and new games for vita as well

SONY is unstoppable train since 2010 amd SEJ are holding press conference for JP on 09/09/13 we may see deep down or TLG and some JRPG

user74029311939d ago

yeah i remember i played that on my amiga. sotb.

cyguration1939d ago

Finally, someone with some sense.

All those people out there saying they were bored with Sony's offerings are -- no offense -- idiots.

They had a string of AAA titles a string of mid-budget games and a string of indie titles, with exclusives in each bracket. People complaining about that just need to go sit in a corner for a while and play COD until they recognize what game diversity is all about.

Bzone241939d ago

"Sony wins Gamescom"

Is this an Indy Games site?

breakdancepants1939d ago

They do like the Indy Racing Circuit a whole lot.

Bzone241939d ago

I actually meant indie games. lol

Silly gameAr1939d ago

Maybe they like fresh games and ideas?

user74029311939d ago

a fresh idea would be mr mosquito in a penthouse.

user74029311939d ago

you been here 2129 days, if you dont know what site this is then maybe you need help navigating the internet.

Bzone241939d ago

Stickskills just isn't a site that I go to. Sorry if that bothers you.

cyguration1939d ago

I'm almost certain Stickskills has an article or two headlining N4G as the hottest news of the week every once so often.

I can't imagine someone being a regularl at N4G and not knowing about it... unless said individual is a reputation manager.

Dun, dun, dun. The plot thickens.

MysticStrummer1939d ago

Another person claiming PS4's launch is all indies?


scott1821939d ago

Yeah they are jealous the PS4 will have great AAA and great indie games. Last gen some of my favorite games were indie.

Khajiit861938d ago

Bubs down for being stupid.

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user74029311939d ago

bzone, danny... im here to help you.... navigate the internet.