Far Cry 2 scans

See these 6 freshly scanned images from Far Cry 2.

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killer_trap3897d ago

to say it's looking good is kind of an understatement.

tony3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

is a gem in the making. overlooked by many but still will be a home run. can't wait to create maps .

Arsenic133897d ago

I cant wait to remake some of my maps on this. OMG cant wait!

Richdad3897d ago

nO DOUBT its one of the highly anticipated game of the year but I just hope that Ubisoft put that Ultra realistic gameplay things off that Crytek has put in Faracry and Crysis. It sometime gets too hard, and ruins the fun of game.

gameraxis3897d ago

that these are fakes? the jump I've seen from the last pics and these are HUGE. PHCtheone, if these are real there definitely better than okay wouldn't u think. try to see beyond the fuzz on the screen

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