Playstation 4 Gamers Really Want Titan Fall…Bad "We are two months away from the release of the Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Two next generation consoles that for all intents, and purposes are two sides of the same coin. Now it's all about the games, and one game in particular which has surfaced as the killer launch window app is Titan Fall. The problem. It's exclusive to the Xbox One, and Playstation 4 gamers want it...Bad

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iamnsuperman1939d ago

I want to play it but I don't want it badly. It isn't the same level as GTA V which is a game I really want to play now but I wouldn't mind playing a promising title.

sobotz1939d ago

I don't know why the media keep acting like it's Xbone exclusive. You know it's coming to PC and Xbox 360 too.. And I think people who will buy the PS4 maybe already owns a 360 or a PC at least.

Ben121939d ago

Just suck it up sonybabys you don't here Xbox fans crying for uncharted. get over it ya bunch of Wally's .

n4rc1939d ago

Its a Microsoft exclusive...

Remember windows is just another ms platform... Its like saying god of war isn't exclusive because you can also play it on a vita..

Tw1tch3D1939d ago

eehhh, duh?!

So what is your point??

I just don't see what your argument is, it doesn't hamper the competition.

iiwii1939d ago

That's exactly right. IF I really wanted it THAT bad, I have a PC that is more than capable of running Titanfall. It would have been cool to try it on the PS4 if they hadn't gone XB1 only, but I'll just move on.

There are way too many good games that will be available to play at launch for me to worry about Respawn and Titanfall.

MWong1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

It's honestly the only title I want to play on the XBone. That and maybe Forza 5. I doubt it will remain a M$ exclusive, since it's a title from EA. I'm more excited to play BF4 than any next-gen game.

pivotplease1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Dude god of war on portable and on the home consoles is not the same thing. They are different games with different stories, etc. A Microsoft exclusive is less of a big deal because everyone and their grandmother owns a pc. Also, timed exclusivity means nothing. It just means ps4 gamers will get infamous when titanfall comes and then later in the year they can pick up titanfall and more good times will be has by all.

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ArchangelMike1939d ago

Meh, and they will eventually get to play it on the PS4. After I'm done with KZ:ShadowFall, BF4, and by the time I platinum Infamous Second Son, Titanfall will probably already be out o PS4. I doubt MS have a year exclusiveity deal at this rate. It's probably just a 6 month deal for the console launch window. C'mon guys if you were awake at all this last gen, you already know there are no 3rd party exclusives in the FPS market.

GiggMan1939d ago

Yeah I agree. I'm sure Xbox fans would trade in 2 TitanFalls for one Naughty Dog and or a Sony Santa Monica game.

BallsEye1938d ago


Not really. Not my type of games. All preference man.

Ben121939d ago

Yah great game makes 8 year olds think its ok to shoot there grandmas. There's enough real violence today there's no need for gta

iamnsuperman1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Well I am looking forward to GTA's rich story and how the three protagonist (something not done before) will play out. Also the massive online component and the sandbox world to mess around in

The big questions you should be asking is why the hell is an 8 year old playing a game rated for 18 year olds and how the hell did an 8 year old get his hands on a gun. Give any 8 year old a loaded gun and something bad is going to happen (regardless of what games they play)

JetsFool35001939d ago

Its a mature game 18+. You should be blaming the person that bought the 8yr old the game

bsquwhere1939d ago

Your an idiot. A lack of responsible parenting and poor gun ownership are to blame. God people you are moronic. Let's blame a thing, a game, instead of the people responsible. The ones who bought him the game and the one who made a gun available to kid are the ones to blame. He's 8 his parents shouldn't have bought him the game. Its named after a didn't they know.

ZBlacktt1939d ago

Next story in 10 mins watch for it....

X1 Gamers Really Want infamous SS, The Order 1886 and Deep…Bad

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NovusTerminus1939d ago

I don't want it... It's just another FPS game, with a taller FPS built into it.

slimeybrainboy1939d ago

It's COD meets Crysis with mechs.

I would play it no more than any other multiplayer shooter, but it does look like it has great gameplay design. It's definitely something fresh and new and it looks smooth as hell.

I feel like if you're the type of person who plays COD 24/7 you're going to love it. If you've got bored of COD or shooters it will drag you in for a month.

OllieBoy1939d ago

No thanks. MP-only games are lame.

dcj05241939d ago

Warhawk, Socom, Counter-Strike,Team-Fortress2, Garry's MOD and battlefield series would like to have a word with you.

ala_7671939d ago

Wish it was also there for PS4

Auran1939d ago

I want it for PC - baaaaad

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