Iwata appears at Monster Hunter 4 event in Japan, talks 3DS, teases collaboration with Capcom

Capcom held a launch event for Monster Hunter 4 in Japan earlier today. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata made a stage appearance, completing the cycle of when he announced the title for 3DS nearly two years ago.

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Kevlar0091911d ago

Imagine getting exclusive deals with Sonic and then MegaMan. He's in Smash 4, who knows?

Misaka_x_Touma1911d ago

Oh yes more more more!
Nintendo is working with Atlus, Namco and Sega. Now Capcom again.
Then been working with Level-5 for along time. Also Marvelous AQL on Pokemon Tretta game. Tecmo KOEI with Pokemon Conquest.
So much collaboration.

LOL_WUT1911d ago

Make it an exclusive or don't bother Nintendo. ;)

RTheRebel1911d ago

Street Fighter X Nintendo?
That would be Epiccccccccccccccccccccccccccc c.

TheEvilWithin1911d ago

I hope we see a new Mega man. Maybe some classics might come back like Demons Crest 2 or maybe some sort of new exclusive resident evil game. Maybe in the future we could see Monster Hunter 4 come to Wii U. Just pure speculation but that's ALWAYS the fun part! Whatever happens i'm sure I will be excited for the much anticipated news.

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