NHL 14: Why there won’t be a next-generation NHL video game year

At a recent NHL 14 event in Toronto, we had the chance to sit down and speak with NHL 14′s producer, Sean Ramjagsingh, and ask him why his development studio decided not to release a next-generation version of their hockey franchise this year.

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kalkano1819d ago

If EA is seriously "not releasing offline games", anymore, then none of this matters.

trafalger1819d ago

why? you can still play against the a.i. or with your buddy on your couch. i doubt they will force you to play with other people online.

kalkano1819d ago

Then it doesn't need to be online-only.

trafalger1819d ago

that's a different argument your now making. i agree, it doesn't need to be online but we don't know why it will be yet. it could be to tie ea servers into the game to allow them to do instant updates on the fly. it could be to monitor your stats, trophies/achievements automatically. or it could be just another tool to get data from us. whatever the reason its there decision.

you may not like my answer but it doesn't bother me all that much since i have my ps3 connected at all times and so will my ps4 (and maybe xbone). i want the services that playstation plus gives and to do that you will need to be connected.

kalkano1819d ago

Well, good news. He just clarified that he only meant that all of their games have online options.

CocoWolfie1819d ago

hopefully a lot of games will be released through digital, this will help a lot of people, both ps3 and 360 :)

Psychotica1819d ago

I would like to see them add the college teams, that would be really cool

pat_11_51819d ago

college teams would be awesome. I've wanted it for years. I wonder if it will ever actually happen.

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