The Best Franchises for a Figures Game

Skylanders released at the end of 2011, and it’s been wildly successful. Earlier this year, it was reported that the franchise has reached more than $1 billion in worldwide, retail sales. Whether you love or hate the concept, there’s no denying, from a commercial standpoint, it’s a brilliant idea. It was just a matter of time before other companies did something similar, and with the recent release of Disney Infinity, we’re seeing the beginning of that trend.

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jdeane811728d ago

In all seriousness, if Nintendo was to get into this race they would dominate it or at least provide some serious competition to Disney/Activision. It seems the WiiU is already custom made for this type of project.

agentxk1728d ago

Actually, I think nintendo is kiiiiiiiiiiiinda getting into it this Friday. Not on the same level, but it is a start!

-Foxtrot1728d ago

I don't really think the whole figure thing is something you should push