Diss Kinect-Ed

Nerds on the Rocks takes a look at the recent news of Kinect no longer being mandatory for the Xbox One, and the type of impact it will have on the device. As well as a history of similar "gimmicks" in gaming over the past decade.

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ErcsYou1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I dont understand why kinect 2.0 was being praised because it only does what the kinect 1.0 was advertised to do. we all know the first kinect didnt really work as intended. I understand they built it to attract casuals but times have changed. Casuals want indie titles with touch controls now. The whole iphone/ android gen is the new casual, not wii users from 6 years ago.

1933d ago
JunioRS1011933d ago

I honestly support Xbox One for the pure sake of competition, but I think the Kinect will be a gamble that ends up a loss for Microsoft.

They bet way too big with their Kinect development, and for what? Sure, lots of players are ACCEPTING of Kinect, and a few are even genuinely excited. But I think most people really don't have much of an interest in it. You can't make an Xbox that is half kinect, half console. It's just not their original vision going back to the launch of xbox 360 when they seemed to know where they wanted to go a bit more.

I mean, sure, the Kinect is a cool peripheral. No doubt. But you have to take into consideration how much of a success they're wanting and expecting it to be, which it simply isn't right now. I think even people who are buying the One are buying it for the XBOX part of it, and much less for the Kinect. The Kinect is a neat extra, but I think it's SUPPOSED to be the hook, line, sinker.

gamingfriend1933d ago

Xbox one without kinect stands a better chance in my eyes, im going ps4 next gen I disagree paying for something I don't want to a 360 user and was hoping the new xbox was just a more power full 360 worth a slicker design that's all I wanted and needed in my life,it is a shame though.

JackOfAllBlades1933d ago

Lets Xbox without Kinect is the same price as PS4. PS4 is still the more powerful console

glennco1933d ago

Unless you take into account the cloud. We don't know which will be the more powerful GAMING platform yet. We don't know what the cloud brings to the table... a console is more than just hardware.

Either way it will be interesting.

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glennco1933d ago

My concern was always privacy... I am happy to get an x1 now that I can unplug kinect.