Mad Max Lead Level Designer Talks About the Open World on PS4

Lead Level Designer talks customization, combat and open world for the upcoming PS4 title, Mad Max.

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mafiahajeri1939d ago

Misleading title he didnt even mention the ps4

pedrof931939d ago

What about Water World as a video game ?

ajames3471939d ago

How is it misleading? The game is for PS4 so I wrote that in the title. Nothing wrong with that.

thekhurg1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

You fished for exposure knowing that anything with "PS4" or "Xbox One" in the title gets instant approved and tons of comments.

Abriael1939d ago


No, she put it in the title because it's in the title of the video itself, published by Sony UK.

Get your facts straight.

ajames3471939d ago

@thekhurg If you incorrectly assume that I'm fishing for anything, then that's your problem, even though it says PS4 on the video itself.

mafiahajeri1939d ago

"Talks about open world on the PS4" thats misleading. I'm not accusing you directly but whoever thought of that title is fishing for exposure like theKhurg said. Whoever wrote it is either really smart or really stupid.

When you say ON the PS4 people expect details specific to the PS4 things that won't be able to be done on current gen hardware none of that is discussed in the video.

So yes it's misleading.

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Abriael1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Did you even read the title of the video?

"Mad Max on PS4: Customisation, Combat And The Open World"

And the dude is interviewed by the people of Sony UK.

So yeah, it's about PS4, and you're out of line.

mafiahajeri1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Since your saying that their being interviewed by the sony UK guys, Mad max is also coming to the PS3 that's my problem with the title. Don't blame thekhurg ajames said he wrote the title.

If Sony UK wrote it why didnt they write PS3? Your telling me that customization, combat and the open world aren't possible on the PS3? He doesn't even mention anything specific on the PS4.

Good advertising from Sony UK for the PS4 I guess.

nirwanda1939d ago

Lets all have a big rant about the title can we all use the comments section to contribute to the actual story instead.
On topic mad max could be good if they do it right.

ajames3471939d ago

Hopefully so. They've already taken a step in the right direction by making this a standalone game and not a movie licensed one.

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JackOfAllBlades1939d ago

I hope that this game ends up being as good as it can be, this game could be amazing if they do it right

ajames3471939d ago

I completely agree. Hopefully this will be a great title.

KwietStorm1939d ago

The fact that it's not a direct movie license is a great start. It's just funny that we've had Fallout, Rage, and Bordelands, and now we finally get an actual open world Mad Max game.

kenna9991939d ago

Love the films so im looking forward to it

FITgamer1939d ago

Glad to learn more about this game, i actually forgot all about since E3.

DevilishSix1939d ago

They do a good job with open world games especially Just Cause 2, MAd MAx has alot of potential.

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