I Am Not A 'Cancer' On The Game Industry

Kotaku - I can already predict the comments on this article. You will tell me I’m a horrible person. I’m a cancer on the games industry. Everything I’ve ever worked on is terrible. My existence offends you.

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wishingW3L1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

sorry, I still keep thinking that the F2P model is nothing but a scam.

Amazingmrbrock1848d ago

Its like anything else in gaming. It can be done well or it can suck. Some DLC is a scam, some of it is great. The same can be said of just about anything, some games in a given genre suck some are great. It goes the same with payment models. Some games aren't worth 60 dollars but get sold for that anyhow. Some ftp game are worth money so people play the hell out of them. Look how well LoL and DOTA2 are doing, or team fortress 2. Those game don't in any way scam players out of the game. You can play for free in a totally viable fashion and never buy anything.

True many f2p game do the whole thing wrong but their more pay to win games than anything. Technically their free to play but they really arent, when you take into account how anybody that spends money will be doing better.

I do however think f2p should exist either entirely in multiplayer or through ad revenue. Any single player f2p game that charges you for extra content or things needed to complete the game is garbage.

If they can make the game exist entirely on a free model with nothing forcing you to buy stuff then it should be good for gaming and not a cancer.

kalkano1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

"The supply of unique, high quality games being developed for Gamers is too great. Greater than the total demand for those games, as measured by dollars spent on (non-used) copies."

How strange, that this coincides with a drastic drop in variety in the AAA space. *eyeroll* Maybe, instead of everyone targeting the same demographic, they should branch out, and target fans of genres other than shooters and action.

My demand for those games is 0, which coincides with the amount of money I spend on them. Give me some turn-based, and strategy RPGs, and you'll see the money spent.

The problem is, the industry has pigeon-holed itself.

ZBlacktt1848d ago

I was PC gaming on computers like that in the early 80's.... Apple II, IIc and IIe.

AntsPai1848d ago

I don't think f2p is the cancer of gaming but damn, Kotaku certainly is

spartanlemur1848d ago

He's right. We need to kill F2P by not spending a penny on it.
Companies like EA which make silly statements such as "all our future games will be multiplayer" however use their market power to take away our choice, and as such should be condemned as a cancer in the harshest terms.

I think the problem most people have is with arrogant game industry individuals who claim that F2P, always-online and multiplayer is the one future for all games and that other models are somehow outdated.

I'm 20 years old now and I'm absolutely certain that in 30 years time I'll still want to buy deep, single-player experiences which I can pay for in one lump sum and not have to worry about my in-game activities being monitored by corporations with always-online.
There's nothing wrong with promoting new markets to new consumers, but anyone who tries to declare that traditional consumers are somehow wrong and must adapt to the other market is indeed a tumour.

kalkano1848d ago

I agree. But, good news, Peter Moore recently clarified that he only meant that all of the games they release have an online option.

spartanlemur1848d ago

Ah I didn't read that. Glad to hear it though, as EA (despite being in some ways a wretched company) do produce a fair amount of awesome games.

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