Talking Point: The Wii U's Limited Hard Drive Space and Future Install Headaches

Splinter Cell Blacklist, on every platform but Wii U, has install options either mandatory or optional. According to analysis from Digital Foundry there are possible trade-offs on Nintendo's system as a result, with longer loading times and some weaker textures that are improved with an optional install on the Xbox 360. Although that's just one example, the ambitious and processor-straining Grand Theft Auto V is a more important landmark, and one that poses questions for whether the current Wii U SKUs' on-board memory could be problematic in the future.

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mewhy321933d ago

Well first of all the title of the article indicates that the Wii U has a HDD. That's not the case. It uses flash for storage. Nintendo should have made the storage capacity larger to try and better battle the other consoles. I mean look at what Sony's doing. They've engineered the most powerful gaming console ever. They wanted to have an edge with superior hardware and they've got it. Nintendo should have thought more like Sony on this.

PopRocks3591933d ago

Adding more HDD space would have increased the price of the console. Sony's console offers more, but it's being sold for less than its worth.

To the Wii U's credit, it offers a variety of storage alternatives. Obviously there's the flash memory, it supports external drives and SD cards. It's not practical out of the box, but I personally appreciate them keeping the price low in favor of letting consumers pick their own storage and keeping proprietary storage to a minimum.

miyamoto1933d ago

well that $350 low price of wii u is still considered very high if you compare it with a 250gb Azurite Blue ps3 at $250

Ddouble1933d ago

The BOM for the PS4 is cheaper than $399 from all the people who've calculated it that I've seen.

I definitely think Nintendo cheapened out.
Even 60GB will have been fine

levian1933d ago

While what you said is technically true - adding a larger HDD would increase the price - it is basically a moot point.

You are essentially forced into buying an external hard drive when you buy a Wii U. This is extremely inconvenient as most casuals wouldn't know about this, then have to go out and drop $50 or more on an external. Since you have to buy an external if you want any kind of games installed (which a lot require) you may as well add the cost to the console in the first place to save you the hassle of buying one, then spending the time to format it.

Sure, its simple for most of us, but it was a dumb idea and inconvenient for everyone involved.

Realplaya1933d ago

@ miyamoto add a vita for touch screen controls that's $199.00 so now your at $450.00

BattleAxe1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I'd rather buy a 12GB PS3 for $199.00 and a PS Vita for $199.oo for a total of $398.oo, rather then spending $350.oo on a WiiU with hardly any games to speak of.

miyamoto1932d ago

@ Realplaya

"@ miyamoto add a vita for touch screen controls that's $199.00 so now your at $450.00"

No. Just no.
I couldn't care less for looking up and down on two screens one 50" and one 5" and end up hurting my neck, eyes and my head. I have a Dreamcast so I have learned this problem way before ad I am not repeating that same up and down mistake again.

And tell me one normal PS3 game that I can use the touch screen as a control scheme?

Why would I use a PS Vita to control my PS3 games when I have a trusty DS3?

try to make any sense next time

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BullyMangler1933d ago

lol ps4 = a machine that ANYBODY could have thought of . .

AJBACK2FRAG1933d ago

No way. To pricey to include with the bundle and the freedom to store your data as you see fit.

Shnazzyone1933d ago

any external HD works with the wii u... storage space is actually easier to expand. For the price between ps4 and wii U difference you could have an additional 650gig hd

jameson123451932d ago

By the way, starting September 20th, the Wii U 32 version is now $300.

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JackOfAllBlades1933d ago

I agree they need to make a model with a large hard drive. And it is not like hard drives are very expensive, especially when you are a huge company and will be buying bulk straight from the manufacturer

lilbroRx1933d ago

It is unnecessary, as they gave it hard drive support.

awesomeabe19981933d ago

That raises the price of the console. SOny did that with the PS4 and now they are selling it for less than it is worth. Wii U is being sold for 350 dollars with a game while PS4 is being sold for 400 dollars without a game. PS4 increased the HDD so now PS4 will be sold than less than it is worth. That is why they did not make it with Backwards Compatibility. That would have raised it to about 450 dollars without a game. I bought a Wii U with a game and a 3220gb portable hard drive for around 420 dollars. That is still less than the PS4 which is around 460 dollars with a game. I think the reason why you need to pay to play online is because Sony are selling the PS4 than less than it is worth. Most of my cousins arent buying a PS4 because of PS+.

Misaka_x_Touma1933d ago

Although Wii U is only above 300 USD because of the Wii U Gamepad.

DarkHeroZX1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Lol the Wii U is $349 compared to the $399 ps4. I already have a years subscription to plus which gets me free games. And I'll have 6 free to play games at launch to play so no the PS4 for me is going to be cheaper then owning a Wii U. The ps4 comes with a 500 gig hard drive vs 32 gigs of flash memory. If you think the Wii U is of better value then your kinda in denial. And the PS4 isnt taking as big a loss like you think. The loss is more likely due to the AMD hardware in the box rather then the HDD or any other part. Nintendo was just being cheap.

awesomeabe19981932d ago


You took it to a personal opinion so here is mine:

I already was going to buy a portable hard drive. I dont have PS+ on my PS3. I do not like downloading games. Downloading free games off of PSN you are actually paying for them through your internet. I am not going to pay to play online. Why? I am already paying for my internet and now Sony wants me to pay for something that I am already paying for! You Sony fanboys were hating on the XB360 when people had to pay to play online! When Sony does it, its only 6 dollars, thats not too bad.

I did not say the PS4 was being sold at a huge loss, i just said that they were selling it for a little less than it is worth. I did not say that the loss was because of the HDD. Yes the Wii U is great for its price at 300 dollars with 32GB of flash. Just get an extra 1TB hard drive from ebay or amazon for around 50 dollars. There you go 400 dollar console that comes with a game and 1TB of hard drive.

So the Wii U with more hard drive and a game is the same price as a PS4 alone which is 400 dollars. PS4 will be around 500 dollars if it were to have around the same Hard Drive and include a game.

lilbroRx1933d ago

I like how Nintendo is doing storage.

I already have an external harddrive and large external flash drives. I can use though without having to pay the extra for the console.

Thanks to the no hard drive, it draws less power and produces less heat. This article is another case of people making and issue out of something that's not really an issue for the majority of people.

PrimeGrime1933d ago

Not going against what you said here but HDD's barely produce any heat as it is let alone consume that much power to ever be a concern with either.

They never really have. Maybe like way way back in the days when the first hard drives were made they did. Drives now though are very efficient.

lilbroRx1932d ago

I'm talking about the console, not the drive.

Flash draws less energy and produces less heat inside the console. It also allows the console to be manufactured at a smaller size.

Nevers0ft1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

To be honest, there could be something of an issue. People are overlooking the throughput of USB2 - it's barely faster than the Wii U's optical drive. You won't get a significant speed increase by loading from an external drive on the Wii U... Which is primarily what this article is about.

lilbroRx1932d ago

That has never been an issue though. Someone would have said something buy now with the way devs were hamerring the flaws they saw.

No dev as ever expressed problems with the memory or storage capacity. This why I say its people making a mountain out of a mole hill.

The only people i've ever seen make compalints about the drive storage setup are gaming journalist, who always look for something negative to write about Nintendo for hits, and people who had no intention of getting the console to begin with and just want to bash.

Nevers0ft1933d ago

Thought I'd come back and correct myself before somebody else does... You'll actually see up to a 50% speed increase over optical: 22.5MB/s vs 35MB/s

Not massive, but better than nothing.

PrimeGrime1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

"Thanks to the no hard drive, it draws less power and produces less heat"

I was commenting on what you said. I know you were talking about the flash drive but you made it sound like it makes that big of a difference if it had an HDD. Which I pointed out that it doesn't.

Even if it had an HDD you wouldn't need to worry about power consumption or heat from it.

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Misaka_x_Touma1933d ago

I careless.
It not hard to hook up an eternal hardrive.
I have the Basic Model with an external hardrive with 200GB of space left.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing1933d ago

So what if the Wii U only comes with 32gb stop being cheap and buy a hard drive I payed 50 bucks for a 1tb HDD if u can't afford that than u be better of playing mobile games.

LOL_WUT1933d ago

Why doesn't Nintendo stop being cheap and include one in the first place without raising the price? They have "billions" in the bank right? ;)

RFornillos41933d ago

because unlike you, Nintendo cares about the general consumers who're more concerned about what comes out of their pockets.

an external harddrive is a cheaper alternative rather than having a big internal proprietary hard drive. heck, even a 1TB external HDD is cheaper than a 32GB Vita memory card.

DarkHeroZX1932d ago


Lol no they dont, if you have to buy a hard drive later on for $50+ then they hardly did you a favor.

truechainz1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

wait so are you against saving money for yourself, or are you against good financial decisions?

Either way you do realize you don't have to buy a wii U right? Not sure if anyone let you in on this because based on your comments there is no way you are having fun with the console...which is...sad really

AbortMission1933d ago

Why would I waste $400 on a Wii u when I can get a PS4 for that price? You honestly believe a Wii u is worth that price when its current lineup of games are nonexistent at best when compared to the next gen lineup of support?

Just like how you fanboys say "Herp dErp get uh hard drive!", I can still do that with a PS4 and have even more storage than a Wii u; 1/2 a TB more.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing1933d ago

Why would I waste 400 bucks for a Wii U cause I can I work hard I make good money and so what I'm a fan boy u think u better cause u pre order ps4 I pre order one too.

U wanna come out and say the current line up is nonexistent try pikmin 3 W101 luigi U and many great games are on they way, unlike u I don't need to troll on Nintendo to feel cool.

DarkHeroZX1932d ago


In all honesty the only must have is W101 and even then that's the only new experience I'm looking forward to on Wii u. Sonic Lost Worlds, a new Zelda, Pokemon X/Y, and Smash Bros are all coming to the 3DS so the PS4 is the console I need to have this holiday.

truechainz1932d ago

"Herp dErp get uh hard drive!"

We get it you like PS4 more. Please don't make offensive comments about the matter.

lilbroRx1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

It has nothing to do with being cheapness. If they pay more we will have to pay more.

On top of that, it would make the console large, heavier, and more energy consuming.

As I said before. The only people who make an issue out of the storage options are people who didn't really like Nintendo to begin with.

What is the bases of this old argument being brought up by this site anyway? The 25gb optical drives have yet reach a limit the last I checked and they stream data faster than the 360 or PS3 drives.

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