Nintendo allowing Wii U cross platform play with iOS/Android

In a move that will only please indie and mobile developers, Nintendo is said to be allowing developers to include cross platform play with iOS and Android versions of the same game.

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AKR1569d ago

Wow. Well that's pretty smart.

Even though mobile gaming will never be able to hold a kindle to console-gaming; there are a few really impressive app-store titles out there.

PopRocks3591569d ago

That was... unexpected. I wonder how this will impact the console and its library. Personally I'd prefer to see less games like Angry Birds and more games like the HD versions of Phoenix Wright and The World Ends With You.

Kevlar0091569d ago

It's nice to see Nintendo begin to step up into the modern age

I wonder how many games are on both kinds of systems

HexxedAvenger1569d ago

hmm this was an interesting and unexpected move.

gamingfriend1569d ago

That's so amazing omg good lord, im canselling my ps4 pre order for sure lmao

unknownbystander1569d ago

You forgot the /s after your sentence.........

Whymii1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Oh, I thought he was serious.

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