‘The Wonderful 101’ Wii U eShop download size details

The Wii U is about to get wonderful as the North American release of Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101 inches ever closer. If you plan to download The Wonderful 101 from the Nintendo eShop in the coming weeks, you will need to make sure you have enough available HDD space on your Wii U or external HDD as the game will require a fair amount.

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guitarded771728d ago

10gb... that's pretty big.

deafdani1728d ago

That's what she said.


FlyingFoxy1728d ago

Yes it is a fair size, but then it depends on your internet connection.. I could download that extremely fast on my 100mbps virgin media connection. The trouble with fast internet is that you can end up downloading tons of things sometimes unintentionally, so your hard drive soon fills up.

Gemmol1728d ago

yep I know what you mean, mines range from 75mbps to 55 so all things on my Wii U download fast compare to what I hear from other guys

_QQ_1727d ago

If you own a wiiu and didn't buy this game your privileges to complain about nothing new in the industry are over.

N4g_null1727d ago

I think ill buy the disk since ill get another wiiu after that. Plus I got to get pikman too.