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When Payday: The Heist first hit Steam back in 2011, it was a refreshingly original spin on the ever-evolving genre of the cooperative FPS. Putting players in the roles of professional criminals pulling a wave of heists, it was unique among games of its kind in that it put heavy emphasis on planning, strategizing and stealth, rather than simply have players try to survive while racking up the highest body count. It was a bit more of a thinking man’s game when compared to your standard undead murderfests such as Left4Dead and Killing Floor, and as a result managed to pick up a sizable following.

Two years after the release of the original, a sequel, Payday 2, is finally here, aiming to take just about every element from the first game to the next level. Does it succeed? In most regards, yes, though it is not without a few snags here and there that might frustrate or disappoint from time to time.

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