Microsoft's Major Nelson Confirmed Xbox One Hasn't Been Hit by Production Issues

That story is completely untrue.

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Lucreto1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Well it is good news then.

Saying that they would not come out and say there are production issues.

Tw1tch3D1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

The date will show us otherwise and if rumors about Nov. 8th as the release date is true, well there goes another negative rumor down the drain hole.

I mean, if your not an insider, why bother making such ridiculous claims?!....I know why, because they're fanboys. Because it's mostly wishful than it is anything relevant just like hUMA being exclusive to PS4, which wouldn't matter because both have HSA.

Talk about blowing things out of proportion.

PSVita1457d ago

What in the world are you going on about..

Lucreto1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Well Microsoft doesn't have the track record of being up front.

Major Nelson said the DRM can't be removed by flipping a switch and the next day it was gone.

Then Greenberg said there was no delays in Europe and hours later there were delays.

I don't fault the people they have a job to do. The behind the scenes guys are telling them to do this. I don't like the Not true, not true oh it's true. They should keep silent and not deny it and then confirm it later.

ZodTheRipper1457d ago

It wouldn't be their first time lying if you look at the last few months.

SilentNegotiator1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

It still doesn't make sense that it got delayed because they couldn't get voice control for a few countries done. The multi-billion dollar company couldn't afford to get another team or two to complete the voice controls for 8 countries?

Seems more to me that they decided not to finish the voice work for the countries that they needed to cut, leaving a much more appealing story to investors of "we need more time to finish the details" than "we're having difficulties keeping up with demand" and without technically lying to investors.

Trekster_Gamer1457d ago

Yeah Sony has a great track record.. I mean there system was compromised and they waited a month to tell users... Removing system features like dual booting and ps2 compatibility .. Yeah that's a great track record... Sony is up front my arse...

grassyknoll1457d ago

The whole point of hUMA is it's one pool of memory. Xbox One has 2...

Diver1457d ago

How does that put another negative rumor down the drain? They drastically slashed the number of countries where they're gonna launch. A statement about no production probs isn't gonna change that fact. An they can say UI this an localize that all they want but at the end of the day they are launching in far fewer territories.

In the US, the prime Microsoft area they are sold out with a quarter of the stock numbers Sony will launch with.

falviousuk1457d ago

@diver can you back that statement up with some facts about how many units bith companies have available in each region for launch and post launch, nope i didn't think so

Diver1457d ago

Know how to use the internet? No didn't think so. Just look at retail reports on preorders. This ain't 2005 buddy.

pixelsword1457d ago

Wasn't it an insider who leaked that in the first place?

humbleopinion1457d ago

HUMA is just a buzzword for Cache Coherency implemented by AMD.
And it's not that much of a big deal: My Samsung Galaxy 3 (and any equivalent ARM based phone) has the same thing.

christocolus1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

@lucreto and others

Give ms a break...nelson and greenberg didn't lie about nothing. The console in its current state as at may 21 was built around the drm, ms did indeed have to make adjustments and reprogramme stuff to change that and also how is it being delayed.its releasing in europe but not all regions will get it on day one due to local content customization for the console in those areas so your logic fails..still wonder why some guys are quick to rush to post negative comments here. Do you have an insider at ms who tells you other wise? Or you got someone at china or taiwan at the assembly factory where the consoles are being manufactured? imo if the xbox one doesn't interest you then don't get it....its easy as a b c.

andrewsqual1456d ago

@Lucreto I agree and if a Microsoft employee goes on Twitter and says something around the lines of "Like who cares if we will have to delay the console in all of Europe. You all act like something was never delayed before", IMMEDIATELY fire him and still keep your mouth shut and deny nothing. Because that wasn't a train wreck the last time it happened. :)

In all seriousness though, has there been any retail games to date apart from Forza and Ryse actually shown running on Xbox One hardware yet? The lack of a release date just adds fuel to this.

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Anon19741457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

So, according to Major Nelson, one of China's leading economic news sources and leader in online media just fabricated the entire story? Out of the blue? Just made the whole thing up?

They certainly aren't running this story as a rumor. In fact, the news is related to the Taiwanese company, Global Unichip Corporation, that's making components for the Xbox One and it's impacting their stock price. Major Nelson had better call up the Taiwan markets and let them know it's not true, that it's just baseless speculation coming out of that region!

creatchee1457d ago

They could have been misinformed. That's always possible, no? I mean, it would be the first time EVER that the media has gotten a story wrong and all, but still...

SmokeyMcBear1457d ago

that's what I didn't get. Why would a publication in china, the country in which the product is being manufactured, make up a story for hits. They have nothing to gain from this news.

Foxgod1457d ago

You clearly dont understand the business model of news if you think they gain nothing from it.

Blaze9291457d ago

lol at you all thinking the media understands integrity...

Anon19741457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Other news sources are confirming the shipment downgrade as well. Just have a look at the news for the company making parts, Global Unichip Corp. So, maybe they haven't been hit by production delays, maybe that's made up for some unknown reason.

So what part is he denying? The production part? The cut in shipment forecast numbers? We aren't talking no name blogs making these claims here. This news is currently impacting the stock of companies involved in the XBox One's production, and the details are quite specific. You look up the news for Global Unichip and the financial reporters are certainly treating this as fact.

BallsEye1457d ago

OOooo right I forgot the media always tells the truth...NOT! You there in America should know better since 95% of stuff you see in your TV including news is hollywood BS. Still looking for that WMD in IRAQ?

Anon19741457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

@BallsEye. So your claim is that the leading, Taiwan/Asian newspaper dealing with the semi-conductor and electronics industry, trusted source used by CNN, Cnet, ZDNet..etc..etc, they just made the whole thing up including specific numbers, specific parts causing the delay and company's impacted? That's what you're saying? Because semi-conductor newspapers are known for their terrible, tabloid journalism, right? They just make up things like this all the time and sit back and laugh while stocks bounce up and down? That's what you're selling?

There's no way Digitimes is making up all these details for the hell of it, to garner hits. Only someone blinded by their own cynicism would believe that. Expect Microsoft to confirm the ship forecast numbers have indeed been lowered but bet it'll be with a carefully crafted PR response that makes it seem like there's no big deal and everything is perfectly under control.

XboxFun1457d ago

Oh No!! A global plot from China to ruin MS's Xbox One and smear their good name.

Don't worry Darkride, I'm calling James Bond right now to take care of this problem.

Hello operator, get me James Bond and fast it's a world emergency!....Yes i'll hold.

Anon19741457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

@XboxFun. For once I agree with you, although I'm not the one buying into the crazy conspiracy guys up above who think the media is just "out to get" Microsoft. :)

It is pretty ridiculous to assume that China Economic Daily just fabricated the entire report and all the specifics. Obviously this information has a source within the manufacturing industry in Asia, despite what Microsoft's PR is saying at the moment.

Narutone661457d ago

Those news sources darkride66 posted are not the same as those you see on the gaming websites. There's a big difference between a gaming news and technology/financial news. CNN and Reuters does linked to those sources darkride66 provided, so they are more plausible than some PR guy's twitter feed.

nukeitall1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

So news sources has newer been wrong before?

People never fabricate news? There has never been wrong information in the news affecting stock market?

Contrary to fanboys suggesting Xbox One has low demands, if MS wanted they could use this as an excuse if sales turn out to be low. Instead they say, no production issues. We just increased the clock cycle and specs on our hardware.

Does facts line up with rumor?

Until more official sources confirm, I will stick with facts.

Also, technically all consoles have production issues at launch. There is almost always higher demand than availability.

IcicleTrepan1457d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

update: thought this was about ESRAM issue. turns out it isn't. the article says it has to do with kinect housing and disc drive. Not sure why they would have problems with either of those.. they are likely buying the drives from another company and just plunking them in...

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The_Infected1457d ago

Why don't they just give a damn release date already!

Sitdown1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

You just figured that out? Wow, welcome to 1st grade...