Call of Duty versus Battlefield 'is good for the industry', says EA exec

CVG: "The battle between Call of Duty and Battlefield for supremacy in the shooter market is a healthy thing for the industry, and one EA hopes to win later this year when the latest entries in each series go head-to-head."

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Septic1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

ROFL OMG....I am genuinely in tears....thank you for that!

JackOfAllBlades1936d ago

I agree, competition is always good. We don't want one company having a monopoly on something.

shivvy241936d ago

Exactly , look at how both sony and ms pushed each other to give us a better gaming experience

Megaton1936d ago

"The battle between Call of Duty and Battlefield for supremacy in the shooter market..."

In which world is this battle being waged? CoD smashes BF into the dirt in sales. It's not even close.

BiggCMan1936d ago

Smashes would typically mean one of them is unsuccessful while the other completely obliterates it. Call of Duty typically sells around 20 million copies or so, maybe even 25 I haven't really been keeping track.

With Battlefield 3 reaching 15 back in June last year, I wouldn't be surprised if that's way higher now. I think you need a dictionary.

B-radical1936d ago

Next gen looks alot closer between the sales i mean not graphics or fun

1936d ago
s8anicslayer1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

With the recent news of BF4 looking like crap on the PS4 and that being the platform they are only showing as far as consoles are concerned then EA should just be content to win the PC war if they should do so.

marchinggamer1936d ago

"Bf4 looking like crap on the ps4" you except a piece of shit console with 8 low power jaguar cores and an iGPU like a 7790 in power to play bf4 like it has a 7990? You can't compare the two games battlefield is just better in every way I played cod from mw2 to bo2 then bought bf3 a while after it released its still better than bo2 even though it had a year earlier release

dcj05241936d ago

Have you heard of the terms pre-alpha, alpha and beta? Look at BF3 alpha on ps3 then look at the final release.

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