Petition to Crytek UK to create a TimeSplitters HD Collection

The purpose of this petition is to help generate a show of interest in the Timesplitters series of video games to convince Crytek to release a HD Collection of the Timesplitters trilogy for todays gamers. Timesplitters 4 is our ultimate goal, but first we have to convince Crytek there is sufficient demand for the series through a HD Collection.

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GreenRanger1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

They won't do it. People have been begging them for years to do it.

The TimeSplitters series was one of the best series of last gen and an HD collection would be almost guaranteed to be successful, so I don't see why they don't just make it.

Neonridr1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Loved Part 2 and Future Perfect. Played them co-op on my Gamecube with my buddy. Great times. Even played around with the included level editor.

GreenRanger1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

If they do release a HD collection, I hope they don't change any of the music.

2cents1849d ago

This would be great an all, as long as they don't bring back those damn monkeys

masa20091849d ago

I'd sign if they added Second Sight as a bonus, with redone controls to make them more like Psi-Ops.

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