Opinion: XCOMs prove AAA game development is high-risk gambling

Making games is hard. Making AAA games is close to impossible.

The world of AAA development revolves around big risks and potentially big rewards. It is not an investment, for publishers, so much as a gamble. The more money they put on the table, the more they can potentially make. A hit game can make hundreds of millions. The biggest hit games make closer to billions.

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ArchangelMike1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Very good article, really enjoyed the insight it gives to the development of both of 2K's XCOM Games. Very illuminating.

I understand that 2K cut the marketing budget for The Bureau, and after playing the game I can understand why. It is just not an 'XCOM' game. They really would have been forgiven much if it was simply a new franchise they called 'The Bureau'. However trying to tack on (or not), XCOM elements simply strangled the game and gave it no room to breath. Especially because none of the core XCOM mechanics were executed well, or at all.

It is even more surprising after reading the article, that 2K didn't simply cancel the game. Here's hoping that now 'The Bureau' is out the gate, they refine it for a possible sequel, and maximise those XCOM elements that make it's sister game XCOM:Enemy Unknown, such a blast to play, and replay.

I guess if 2K decide to stick with 'The Bureau' as a franchise and make it profitable, they're going to have to reboot the reboot!

EDIT: The article contains a MASSIVE MASSIVE spoiler for Spec-Ops The Line. If you haven't played that game, and still want to read the article, skip the 2 paragraphs where they start talking about Spec-ops:The Line.