Indies: Playstation & Xbox Fans Are Flip-Flopping

GaminRelam: "With the PS4 and Xbox One’s launches rapidly approaching, the [silly and immature] console war is in-effect ramping up. Obviously, the launch-window titles of the two systems are at the forefront of debates here on the net. As of right now, the PS4 has more exclusives titles announced for it than the Xbox One, and many Playstation supporters are quick to point this fact out."

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MysticStrummer1934d ago

Good article, if not exactly mind blowing. Fanboys will be fanboys.

Personally I've always counted indies the same as bigger games, so I'm glad indies are getting some push next gen from both Sony and MS. Games come in various shapes and sizes, but the gameplay of many indies reminds me of games from my distant past. Simple and addictive.

finbars751934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I agree with you 100%.Just watch the movie IndieGame:The Movie and man it really gives you an idea of how hard these guys work with such creative minds to always give us fresh and inovative games to hoping this will continue through the years to come.its been a long road for myself considering I have been playing videogames since the first ever console the Magnavox with pong on

AntoineDcoolette1934d ago

garbage article generalizing entire demographics

Shok1934d ago

"Now, of course I don’t mean to generalize here. Obviously, not every single Xbox and Playstation fan held these convictions regarding indie and downloadable games. But we all know the propaganda the console war participants have been spouting over these last few years."

JackOfAllBlades1934d ago

I love me some indies and I love me some AAA titles

MasterCornholio1934d ago

There's nothing wrong with having both.

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VonBraunschweigg1934d ago

We're flipping over terraflops, I'll admit that.

iceman061934d ago

I think the issue boils down to the fact that a lot of people have the idea that indie titles have to be small and simple. When, in reality, an indie title can be anything that the independent developer can develop on their budget. It makes me laugh when people diss indies and then scream about wanting Titanfall. It's an indie. Respawn is least for now. State of Decay and The Walking Dead show that indies don't all have to be limited by graphics and gameplay. I like the idea of indies because they serve 2 functions. They allow devs to take more risks with creativity, with less risk for going bankrupt afterwards. Also, they provide those mid-tier experiences that were somewhat lacking this generation because everyone wanted to make their games AAA titles.

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