Xbox One cloud computing features limited by users' broadband speeds, says Forza 5's Dan Greenawalt

Microsoft has been extolling the benefits of cloud usage as a significant advantage for the Xbox One over its main rival in the next-generation console war. The PS4 is claimed to be a more-powerful machine, but the Xbox One has Microsoft's cloud servers to draw on to enhance the amount of data that can be worked on But while the potential of the system is huge, the reality at present is that its use will be limited by the fact that owners of the new console might not be able to download that extra data fast enough.

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BG115791934d ago

That's not really news. It's something that anyone would naturally be expecting...

shoddy1934d ago

Base on MS not all gamers are created equal.

JackOfAllBlades1934d ago

All gamers are created equal, but some are more equal than others

gamertk4211934d ago

And my consistent 50 down and 20 up means I should be very equal.

bumnut1933d ago

50 isn't that fast, I get 120 and some countries get gigabit.

Mounce1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

And most North Americans have the worst and most greedy ISP's in the whole wide Earth. So, Westerners are fucked unless you fork over for $100 Fibe networks....

By what Steam at least alone tells me, majority users have 2Mb/s or under. Only 22% have 10Mb/s connections aka Fibe or higher. I of MANY others know that Euro-areas and Japan have fast and fucking cheap internet speeds while most North American companies are shelling out slow-ass bulky internet that's clunked up on useless features and slow connections for high prices let alone if it isn't Cable-networks which then are Cheaply inconsistent as it's a Shared network rather than a PERSONAL Network since the speeds can vary especially by however many around your home uses Cable as well....

Npugz71934d ago

In Canada myself and most people have broadband 50 which is a lot!

LoveOfTheGame1934d ago

Enter Google Fiber 1Gb/s download and up to 200Mb/s upload for $70.

Gotta love KC.(Except the crappy sports teams lol)

Mounce1934d ago

@Npugz7 'Most People' ? Any source as to confirm you trying to speak on behalf as if you know what 'Most' people in Canada use?....

@Love Google Fiber? o_O?

Spoons1934d ago

WTF, I live in Ontario, Canada, and I can't get anything faster than 30 down and 20 up without forking up allot of dough.

HammadTheBeast1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Toronto, Canada here, we get decent internet off of Rogers (yeah bell is better maybe for data, but I work at rogers so I get the discounts), the main issue is stupid low limits. I have a 100 gb limit, and it costs a lot compared to others.

You may think this is a non-issue, but I get some messed up lag if anyone nearby is streaming off the Wi-Fi .

MicDude1933d ago


I just looked up Google Fiber and it could potentially put cable providers to shame.

Please come to Atlanta; I'll give you my money!!!

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iamnsuperman1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

""Here's what the cloud's great at; how about I throw data at it once in a while - let's call it at the end of every race, maybe even every second - and throw a lot of data up there. I just trickle it up there. And these servers are just crunching away at supercomputer rates, all of this data. It's exactly what Bing does, it's a lot of data," he said.

"I can't do that in a box, you have got to do that in the servers. But it doesn't have to be done every split second. It just sits up there, and it crunches and crunches and then trickles back down to where the box is. That's what we do with Drivatars."

So what you are saying the "power of the cloud" is really something we have seen before. Like some android keypads which send data off to be crunched to learn what you type and predict what you might type next. It is cool but nothing to spend months talking about

JokesOnYou1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Yeah but heres the thing micro is actually bringing its use into the console space. Lets say they dont talk about it, don't use it, then you just have a superb Forza5 with static AI that increases depending on level, like pretty much all games and everybody is happy....however with it you have a Forza5 where the AI changes everytime with opponents getting better or worst everytime you connect online making the opponents truly mimic the random behavior/progression/detoriati on of driving skills. I'll take the 2nd option, just as Id take a smartphone that learns/predicts my key inputs for convenience over a phone that does not.

HammadTheBeast1933d ago

We haven't seen that yet at all, let's decide once we actually see the game in progress, that goes for both sides of the argument.

JokesOnYou1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Well Hammad but he's not denying that Turn10 is implementing this AI system(cloud power). His criticism is basicly like we've seen this before on smartphones, so an arguement about how well it works is different than just downplaying it because "OMG this had never been done before", nevermind that it doesn't work quite like the keybad example, the point is its two totally different environments with the cloud here in a much bigger way that simple text predicting that really done by software and absolutely nothing like other cars and the player interacting. I mean his is the most transparent fanboy criticism if you see the competition doing something unique find even the slightest example of it being marginally used somewhere on planet earth and say its 'meh because my wrist watch can change timezones using the cloud. lol

God forbid micro actually try new things on consoles you guys get so jealous, stealth trolling is still trolling. Its all good though, at least he tries hard.

nukeitall1933d ago

Well having almost unlimited processing power asynchronously certainly opens up many new opportunities.

Even Mark Cerny himself is now exploring the cloud and admitting they don't know enough to make a judgment yet.

We already know the cloud is being used for physics in Titanfalls on Xbox One.

Neonridr1934d ago

Agreed. If you have a crappy internet connection, then you can expect for features like cloud gaming to not work to its fullest extent on your machine.

JackStraw1933d ago

cloud gaming can work fine. cloud computing is totally different. if you have decent broadband, cloud gaming should work fine. anywhere from 5-10Mb/s.

sincitysir11934d ago

So everyone will have a different experience. That's kinda good for those with great Internet!

GryestOfBluSkies1934d ago

but pretty terrible for those who dont have reliable, or fast internet

kayoss1934d ago

Microsoft - " Embrace the Xbox one and you will have the Power of the cloud at your disposal!"
Xbox fans - " Hell Yeah! Xbox one is more powerful than the PS4 with the Power of the Cloud!"
PS4 fans - " oh"
Microsoft - "The power of the cloud is available to you if you have great interent!"
Microsoft Fans - "Damn it!"
PS4 Fans - "Bwahahaha ROFL while pointing at Xbox fans."
Microsoft - "Ooops"

latincooker2141934d ago

now that was funny Kayoss + bubble :)

Izzy4081934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Well MS does recommend at least 1.5mb/s connection for next gen which well below the national average in the US and other developed countries. So for those who already game online, this should't be a problem.

Another thing people don't seem to understand is that the Xbox cloud has multiple purposes. Forza Devs are using it for their DriveAtar, Titanfall is using it for a better multiplayer experience, COD is only using it for dedicated servers. So until game developers need that extra processing power for physics or lighting, they will only use the cloud for small things.

mcstorm1934d ago

For me its just like Kinect. You don't have to use it but its an option if its needed or you can think of a way to use it.

At the end of the day its better having more options than none. Just like the pseye or 3d games, Wiiu controller, smartglass ect.

IM looking forward to seeing what developers can come up with on all 3 consoles as this gen they all now offer something from the start that is different from each other. For me the Wiiu xbox one 3ds and ps3 are what I will be using come the end of this year as they have the most games I want and that has been the biggest issue with this site over the last few months that instead of taking about what amazing games are coming to each console they have just gone on and on about what they don't like on each console.

bumnut1933d ago

US is like a third world country broadband wise.

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