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Battlefield 4 on PS4 “spotting” done via R1 button, DICE said to offer “alternate” trigger scheme

Battlefield 4 on PS4 “spotting” done via R1 button, DICE said to offer “alternate” trigger scheme to L2/R2 (Battlefield 4, PS4)

game_infected  +   734d ago
Hope dice change that on xbox consoles too .Spoting with back button is just annoying
creatchee  +   734d ago
For real. Spotting shouldn't require double joints :)
ginsunuva  +   734d ago
Well if spotting becomes too easy and quick to do, it'll be spamming the spot button all over the map, instead of only spotting those you take the effort and time to.
Sam Fisher  +   734d ago | Well said
At this point everygame should have customizable buttons, if you (as the dev) really want ppl to buy your game you can just put that in and say if you dont like it you can make your own :) end of story, instead these companies gives us stuff like four different ways and thats all
iamnsuperman  +   734d ago
I agree with this. Being able to choose your own button layout should be a standard feature for all games
ginsunuva  +   734d ago
That could possibly be built into the console OS so it's universal and easy for devs to implement.
Have a control layer that then translates into whatever variables in the game.

So the devs program "buttonX" normally, but the OS can take inputs from the square button for example and remap to "buttonX" when passing it onto the game.
Mounce  +   734d ago
I don't see why it can't be on the front touchpad or the Right analog-stick button(If that isn't used for Knife of course)
dcj0524  +   734d ago
Mounce  +   734d ago
I liked Crouching on L2 ;_; R2 Nades, L1 Aim, R1 Shoot. L3 Sprint and R3 Callout or knife

Can't see why the touchpad, which is both a Touchpad and a button, cannot be used ._.
MWong  +   734d ago
It's crazy we really haven't heard anything about the XBone BF4 version. Except the early release DLC, Second Assault.

What does the game look like, is it 1080p? How's it running, is it 60 fps? This is the same way DICE was with BF3 on the XB360.
CarnageXB  +   734d ago
I'm hoping for the game uses the l2 and r2 as the aim and trigger. I'm used to that on the 360.
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KwietStorm  +   734d ago
I know you didn't read the article, but not even the little summary under the headline?
CarnageXB  +   734d ago
I did read it. I know the controller layout is coming to the ps4. I just said that because I felt like saying it.
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Kryptix  +   734d ago

Here, I'll help you out.

"Battlefield 4 on PS4 “spotting” done via R1 button, DICE said to offer “alternate” trigger scheme to L2/R2"

That means aiming and shooting will be on L1/R1 or L2/R2 depending on how you want it. You probably thought the alternate scheme is aiming with square and shooting with triangle on the Playstation controller. lol

"Of course, seeing as R1 will be used for spotting/radial menu, and the R2 trigger is now being used to fire your gun, where does this leave the knife button? Well, it seems it’s either going to be mapped to the circle button or by pushing in R3. (which was used to crouch and go prone" -From article
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Rowdius_Maximus  +   734d ago
Really dude, and the people who agreed. Fools
D3acon  +   734d ago

I hope that would be true. The only thing I care about is moving the knife button from the R3, in everyone shooting game its always an unintentional knife and then I die.
dazzrazz  +   734d ago
Actually it works the same way as on 360 controller http://i.minus.com/jb0DKh55...
jaelegend  +   734d ago
it is they said r1 is spotting so that wont be shot
shysun  +   734d ago
lol r2 is shot fella.....get use to it!....its much better that way but if you want to change it you can. ;)
FITgamer  +   734d ago
Im pretty sure that's what he/she meant. Just awkward wording.
Minato-Namikaze  +   734d ago
I just wont buy games that use L2/R2 as aim and shoot. I hate that with a Passion.
shysun  +   734d ago
@Minato-Namikaze well i guess you've never played a fps on 360?! It's much better.
JetsFool3500  +   734d ago
Wow its gonna take some time getting used to it
MWong  +   734d ago
Agreed that's going to take some getting used to. Too bad they couldn't use the touchpad for spotting. At least they have alternate controller schemes. Hopefully, like what they had to offer BF3 controller scheme.
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boing1  +   734d ago
Touchpad would be great for command rose.
JetsFool3500  +   734d ago
I understand the change tho pressing r1 is better then taking your finger off the analog
titletownrelo  +   734d ago
they should have had:
L2/R2 = aim/fire
L1/R1 = grenade/knife
touchpad = spot

now they are moving everything around and they don't know what we'll use to enter vehicles.

As long as they are including THIS layout (wich they are), I'll be happy.
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JetsFool3500  +   734d ago
Using the touchpad as spot is worse then pressing select
yeahokchief  +   734d ago
I always thought that this would be a better way of doing things. I got very accustomed to the select button in BFBC2 though.

Not buying this game. I know they're going to design it beyond the capabilities of the consoles they are releasing it for again. Too bad.
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Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   734d ago
"Not buying this game. I know they're going to design it beyond the capabilities of the consoles they are releasing it for again. Too bad."

So you're mad that they cater to the PC as well huh? Great logic.
nevin1  +   734d ago
R1 to shoot is better.
Hicken  +   734d ago
It really is.

At worst, L1.

Don't get this argument for the triggers/L2/R2. Sorry, but it is NOT faster to shift your finger from lower buttons to upper buttons than it is to keep your trigger finger up top and use your middle finger for the triggers.

If the consoles had cross-play(which we all know Microsoft would never allow), there's no way a 360 player would beat a PS3 player of the same level of skill- the same would be true in the next gen- because of the delay inherent in the style of the 360 controller.

I'm left-handed, but I shoot right the way I bat and throw right. I don't put my middle finger on the trigger of a gun. And I wouldn't switch from R2 to R1.

Really hoping this will have full button mapping if they've changed the controls up like that.
InTheZoneAC  +   734d ago
wtf no shooting with r1?

please let their be customizable controls.

having played every console, the dualshock 3 is much more quick and responsive with r1 than xbox's RT.

reaction time is clearly in ps3's favor and with a trigger it's going to be slower.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   734d ago
In your opinion. In MY opinion, the Xbox 360 pad's triggers suit fps games more than the PS3's shoulder buttons. Glad the dualshock 4 is using its triggers properly.
InTheZoneAC  +   734d ago
it may feel natural, but it's definitely slower than r1.

again, the way it feels has nothing to do with having a quicker reaction time...
Lukas_Japonicus  +   734d ago
@ InTheZone

Sorry but i don't agree, the reaction time from pressing a trigger compared to a shoulder button would be TINY, like almost non existent. I gamed on 360 for multiplats this gen and i never had any reaction problems. You're creating an advantage where one doesn't exist.

@ Cell
By the TINIEST of margins, so small that there isn't even any point in mentioning it. I'd say the reaction time of the PERSON is wayyyyy more important. You are talking as if there is half a second difference when there is barely a blink speed difference.
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cell989  +   734d ago
but reaction time is still faster on an R1 button over any trigger button, FACT. which is why I hope, I really hope you can shoot in this game with R1
Mikeyy  +   734d ago
Semi auto firing is 10x faster with r1 then r2. That's just common sense a lot less button to depress.

I'm changing my controls back to r1 and l1. Of I wanted to use triggers I'd have gotten an Xbox. Triggers are cumbersome.
kewlkat007  +   734d ago
Not sure how you guys can play shooters with Dualshock...
solidjun5  +   734d ago
I'm not sure if you're trolling (i wouldn't be surprised) or just curious, but have you tried it?

It's quite easy to use. It's not as bad as people claim it is.

On topic:

From the article: "I had a chance to play the PS4 version at Gamescom and spotting is done with R1 for sure. Oh and it plays wonderfully!"

Well, I'll have to try it out (got it pre-ordered). I'm glad there are alternative options in case i'm not feeling the default one.

@KweitStorm: LMAO! Nice response!
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KwietStorm  +   734d ago | Funny
I press da buttonz and da guy shoot. Hope that helps.
kewlkat007  +   734d ago
Yup..I have just not comfortable...The same I bought all fighters on the PS3 instead of 360..
SonyKong64  +   734d ago
I thought the same thing when I first started using DS3, just takes a solid month in battlefield if your coming from 7 years on the Xbox controller like I had.

Eventually once your good and used to it, it becomes the choice controller for fps, much less fatigue on your hands and equal in accuracy to a 360 pad = )

1 month learning curve and you'll wonder how you ever used the heavy clunky 360 controller.
shysun  +   734d ago
they said not on DS4!...and i love it!
Hufandpuf  +   734d ago
I hope for the xbox we can just say "spot" and it spots for us. So we don't have to take our hand off the Left Stick.
cell989  +   734d ago
wishful thinking, good idea tho
titletownrelo  +   734d ago
I've always dreamed of a future where voice commands ACTUALLY WORK in video games, and in a multiplayer Iron Man game, we can command our own Jarvis to deploy flares or give us damage assessments. :D
dcj0524  +   734d ago
Play socom. Don't need some fancy camera. Just use a basic mic.
KwietStorm  +   734d ago
I spot a lot, something not enough people do. I'm sure my team mates would get annoyed with me pretty damn quickly if I'm yelling spot every other minute, even in the middle of sentences.
Mikeyy  +   734d ago
How stupid of a feature. You would be yelling spot, spot, spot, over and over while trying not to lose somebody behind cover.

I mash select because it sometimes takes 20 presses to spot somebody. Doing that with voice command? No thanks.
Hufandpuf  +   734d ago
"I mash select because it sometimes takes 20 presses to spot somebody"

DICE said that mashing spot doesn't work because it has a cooldown period to stop it from being spammed. Mash harder.

Also, this would be optional so you don't have to use it if you don't want to.
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KwietStorm  +   734d ago
R1 is SO much better than pressing select anyway, so my thumb doesn't have to come off the stick. I'm still at a loss for words as to why we don't have universal custom button mapping in 2013, but whatever. I'm hoping they can do something about defending yourself while arming M Comms. On PC you have full movement, but again, moving your thumb off the stick to arm, while trying to move and shoot and the same time is like playing Twister with your digits.
Hufandpuf  +   734d ago
"trying to move and shoot and the same time is like playing Twister with your digits. "

so true. When I arm I put my controller on my lap, then hit the arm button with my index finger and twist my hand to control the right stick with my thumb. It's a nuisance but it works.
cell989  +   734d ago
I still prefer to shoot with friken R1 give me that option DICE
FITgamer  +   734d ago
I wish they allowed full customization like CS. I like L1 for ADS and R2 for shooting.
OrangePowerz  +   734d ago
They should use the CoD controls. I found it annoying to use R3 to go down when I switch around beteeen playing BF and CoD from time to time during the week.
famoussasjohn  +   734d ago
I didnt play BF3 on PS3, but for PS4, how are you going to knife and throw grenades? Unless of course you use the DPAD to switch to knife and grenades. The R1 and L1 were to knife and throw grenades, I'm assuming R2 and L2 were to knife and throw grenades on PS3.

(Don't have access to the site since I'm at work.)
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Philaroni  +   734d ago
Ummm I really wanted the large touch pad to be for spotting since you can click it down, that made the most logic to me since it use to be the Back/Select button.
nitrogav  +   734d ago
I really dont like the sound of that . Why mess with the controls that much DICE ? . At least give us the option to change the contols to what we want . I had plans of still playing BF3 on my ps3 and BF4 on ps4 . How will I be able to do that now without dying for no reason other than pressing the wrong buttons ? . This upcoming game is starting to get further off my radar of actually buying it !! .
KwietStorm  +   734d ago
Further off your radar because they improved the controls? I hope you're aware of DICE being far from the only shooter developer moving to the much improved triggers. And if you, for whatever reason, are going to continue playing BF3 on PS3, the triggers are the least you'll have to deal with. You're going to struggle going back and forth re-adjusting to the frame rate dereference and the latency in both the controller input and the game itself. If all else fails, pay attention to the fact that they are alternate controls.
nitrogav  +   734d ago
Yes you have got a lot of valid points there and yeah the improved frame rate will be a problem between the PS3 and PS4 versions . I don`t know if you play BF3 but it mainly is the only game I play . And I use the spot button a lot . I know that I`m going to struggle with the R1 button instead .
THC CELL  +   734d ago
Take advantage of the Mic aim at the enamy and shout enemy spotted
Mikeyy  +   734d ago
*20 times if your a recon trying to spot an enemy sniper hiding behind a rock.
d0r1en0  +   734d ago
Coming from the 360, using the back button, that ... seems about right? Trying to think what the R1 button WOULD be used for. It will be like, SPOT [R1], then just fire with R2. Right? I'll have to see how it plays comes Nov 15th.
sevilha82  +   734d ago
Well let´s see if this changes something,because till this day i seem to be the only one in my freaking team that spots,some people today don´t even know that this is a thing,i had players asking me the purpose of spoting and why is it useful,are you freaking kidding me?!

But this is the same players that run around in the middle of a street and go head on,shotting a tank with a pistol and wonder what whent wrong.

That´s pretty much the battlefield comunnity in consoles(sadlly).

Let´s hope they go to xbone,go back to cod and stay there.
kingPoS  +   734d ago
EA just let us customize our own controls. I'll use R1 to fire wherever I can. It's a lasting legacy as a playstation user. Don't take it away!

I'm being silly... but seriously I hope they don't scrub out R1 for firing.
OneAboveAll  +   732d ago
RB is knife.. LB is grenade, LT is ads and RT is fire... so then what button throws grenades!?

Getting rid of the select/back buttons is a stupid idea...

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