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Playstation 3 fan test

A video showing how you can clean your PS3 by using it's own fans.
Note: This only works on the 40gb model, if you do this on any other model it will just make a beeping sound. (PS3)

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TwissT  +   2580d ago
I just did this on my own Ps3 and the fan sounded like a fricken vacuum.
killer_trap  +   2580d ago
i didn't get it. is this something sony intentionally made or is it just a hardware bug of some sort? and does it really clean the system? and why doesn't it work on the 60GB version? it would have saved me a lot of time vacuuming the system. and i'm asking too many questions. sorry
Harry190  +   2580d ago
I don't want to
take a risk,does this really work?
Varsarus  +   2580d ago
Your NOT supposed to switch off the ps3 from the back while it's on, it can fu*k your system up, but that video is a bit weird.
Real Gambler  +   2580d ago
Varsarus, watch the video again...
First, he make sure the PS3 is off
Then he turn the back switch off
Then he hold the eject and switch the back button on.
Fan goes wild, then stop, and red blinking light (so PS3 is still off technically, since there's not green light)
Turn back switch off, then back on.

So he never really turn the back switch off with the light green on, on the PS3.

I almost wish they could implement this, firmware wise, in the 60gig model!!!
TwissT  +   2580d ago
You guys, this really does work I tried it on my 40gb when I first came across the video. Just make sure you have the 40gb model and you follow the instructions CAREFULLY!
ruibing  +   2580d ago
Just because the PS3 is well-built doesn't make it invulnerable, people tweaking with it is probably what causes a lot of problems like that recent error code.
SCThor  +   2580d ago
No pun intended but...
yes, it sounds like my X360 while playing Gears..
Superiorrior  +   2580d ago
Just because the PS3 is well-built doesn't make it invulnerable, people tweaking with it is probably what causes a lot of problems like that recent error code.

_____________________________ ___________________________

You mean the one that affects 0.1% of people who have a PS3? Oh okay.
Ice2ms  +   2579d ago
Unfortunately my ps3 broke on friday =[[ But Sony are sending me a new one. I Think the percentage is a bit higher than .1% and i didnt touch any component inside the ps3 and the disc drive is broken. =[[
Real Gambler  +   2580d ago
Wow, this is extreme design!!!
So basically, there's now 3 level of fan noise for the PS3.

1- Can't hear it.
2- You're playing too hard, you can hear it now.
3- Jet engine plane ready to take off.

Seriously, this is another proof that Sony is not cutting corners when they design something... They put in a mega fan, and use it only at 30% of it's top speed. Very, very cool, no punt intended!
krisq  +   2580d ago
...there are four. 4th is the loudest and you need to cover all ventilation holes to hear it. Extreme :)
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Amanosenpai  +   2580d ago
Thats not cool... poor PS3 ^_^
Spinner  +   2580d ago
Cool .. sad it won't work on my 60gb :/
Storm23  +   2580d ago
Yeah man. I agree. Since I have had mine since launch, I am pretty sure there is a ton of dust in there.

(It would be cool if through a firmware update we could do it to the 60 gig)
Ri0tSquad  +   2580d ago
How come Sony doesn't tell us about this stuff? The PS3 was soooo loud.
ReBurn  +   2579d ago
My guess is that they didn't tell people about it because they don't want people to do it.
Nastycrew  +   2580d ago
I believe this is the first thing Sony Service do if they got a "broken" PS3, i've done it, and i saw dust flying out! not too much but it was dust. This is only for the good, why could it get hurt?

"This is a fan test which also helps with cleaning dust inside ur ps3, dont be paranoid if its loud its ment to do that ,

Turn off ur ps3
Turn off the power in the back via the power button
Hold the eject button keep holding it
While holding the eject button, turn on the power switch in the back of ur ps3

Works only on 40 gig sorry i figured it would work on all lmao <--- idiot sometimes"

TwissT  +   2580d ago
Nastycrew thanks for letting me post this on the site. +bubbles
Owner360-PS3  +   2580d ago
sounds like my 360 when its on running normal
tweaker  +   2580d ago
lol That was funny.
phctheone  +   2580d ago
mac4u10  +   2580d ago
wow it works another trick up sonyz selves but boy it sounds like the xbox360 when playin a game lol PS3 RULES!!!
dronde  +   2580d ago
I want to buy a 40 Gig PS3 just so I can do that lol.

We can use that at night if a robber is breaking in. Just use your PS3 as a shot GUN
MrBii  +   2580d ago
Its just a built in fantest
Dont be paranoid.
The_Firestarter  +   2580d ago
Dude, that's so cool! I just tried it out, and it worked just like in the video on my 40GB PS3. Thanks a bunch for the video. :)
MephiSkA  +   2580d ago
Why didn't I know that before!
Unreal_Liquid_Jonte  +   2580d ago
and why doesn't it work on the 60GB version? >:(
tweaker  +   2580d ago
Who knows? Maybe there is but probably a different method for older models.
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Lord Anubis  +   2580d ago
yeah i would like to clean the dust from the inside using the fan test!!!
BlackCountryBob  +   2580d ago
I would speculate that during the first year on sale of the 60gb, Sony may have found that the few PS3s which were returned as faulty were fixed by simply cleaning out the dust. This feature was therefore added to the 40gb and subsequent versions as a way of user cleaning the fan which will then remove the need to send it to Sony to do. Nice idea but complete conjecture on my part.

Dust is a problem, my 60gb ramps up to level 2 fan setting after only 5 mins use even when only using the xmb, when new it only hit lvl 2 when I was playing a game for more than 45mins or watching DVDs back to back. Its not offensively noisy and it never hits lvl 3 but it is still disappointing it is not as silent as it once was. A simple way of cleaning the 60gb would be most appreciated as I don't think minivacs are any good and I am not trusting of O2 spray as I think it misses to many of the little nooks and crannies. It wouldn't be too tough to add onto the system settings menu as a "clean fan on next power up" feature.

Still, a nice design feature Sony, kudos.
PimpHandHappy  +   2580d ago
my fan gets loud
after its been on for more then 6 hours

i did kinda get lax on dusting it and i just did for the first time in weeks. This thing is a dust magnet
TradingWarStories  +   2580d ago
I just did it! :o
It lasted like 10 secs, and noiw my fan is quiter :o, than before :P theres a really quit noise though, its like a really small rattle. Just the fan I think.
tweaker  +   2580d ago
I just tested this. Works great. I really wish they have this feature on the 60 gig model.
neil_1980  +   2580d ago
Great Quote!!!
love where he says "you can do a lot with it"

erm yeah you can make the fans come on... and errrm ... errm you can make an LED flash errm
RecSpec  +   2580d ago
You can do it to a friends PS3 and make him think you are breaking it. Or giving it an exorcism.
Sir Ken Kutaragi 4  +   2580d ago
PS3 4ever;)
Didn't know it had a Fan!!! ;-D
IT'S SOOOOO Flipping QUIET!!!;)
Unlike the xBox 360!!! ;-D
mikeslemonade  +   2580d ago
Only a true next gen system can clean it self up.
Gam71  +   2580d ago
great way to keep you breadbin clean.
Are balONY going to release a kitchen model?
Charlie2688  +   2580d ago
After a day of use I find the PS3s silence pretty disturbing I have actually thought the PS3 was off a couple of times before actually bothering to checkout the green led...but I guess that comes only natural with my vest jet engine experience of my 360 -_-
NewYork214  +   2580d ago
how should you clean out a 60GB? is that dust removal spray they make for computers safe on PS3's? I'm guessing it would be but i have no clue. anyone know?
Chug  +   2580d ago
I just use the hose attachment of my vacuum cleaner, seems to work pretty well.
mistertwoturbo  +   2580d ago
yeah the dust cans should work just fine, the only catch is that you cant really get in the nooks and crannies. however i've been doing it since launch with no issues, and the PS3 does collect dust like a mofo.
TheMART  +   2580d ago
Damn the PS3 is really a multitalent

You can use it as a vacuum cleaner!

You can blow leafs from your garden!

You can dryblow your hair with it

demolitionX  +   2580d ago
MART: seriously, u r a mental!
uie4rhig  +   2580d ago
lol sorry for the fanboyism, but i gotta say it:
too bad the 360 doesn't do anything at all, before you know it, it just RRoD's ..

the PS3 unlike the 360, does what you said, cleans it self aswel, reads bluray and plays MGS4 AND GTA IV rather than GTA IV only

(don't give me the Halo crap, coz it will come out on PC aswel.. trust me)
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Gam71  +   2580d ago
"too bad the 360 doesn't do anything at all, before you know it, it just RRoD's .. "

Lol. That the best you got? RROD. wow. talk about living in the past. something that affected some not even most of the first batch of 360's. Ok fine. I can do the same.

Actually the faults and lies from balONY are to many for me to reproduce here so i'll divert your attention to this link.


See. Your not the only one who can live in the past.

How is MGS? Release game right?
Varsarus  +   2580d ago
There are plenty of issues on the 360, disk scratching (even if it isn't moved), rrod ofc, noisy (probably louder than the video ROFL), many problems with Xbox Live "unstable" service, games freezing up, Screen errors.


TheMART  +   2580d ago
Well... We've all seen how much the PS3 can collect in many pics and video's in the past, so it is a dust magnet.

This sounds just pretty funny with it, a straight vacuum cleaner. Did Sony put the fantest in just because they acknowledge the abnormal dust collection the PS3 does?
Cpt Longcock  +   2580d ago

What about your suXbox fan which drowns out even a Concorde flying @supersonic?!?
Gaara_724  +   2580d ago
hi mart
looks like we havean all-in-1 on our hands
Gam71  +   2580d ago
I didn't watch it as there is no way it can match balONY's "year of lies"
Varsarus  +   2580d ago
"year of lies"

and Microsoft don't?

Remember when Peter Moore said you'll never reach 1080p games at 60fps?, when sony proved him wrong with their NBA launch title?, why you think they brought out 360 systems with HDMI ports in?

Archaeox  +   2580d ago
You're lucky Mart, your console has the all new next gen instant cook, and its a pretty good heater too
TheMART  +   2580d ago
@ Varsarus

How many great 1080p native games on the PS3 are there?

Question: few to none

All the great games are 720p and some bad ones need the '1080p native' to at least sell some copies just for those that want to have a '1080p' game. I rather own the best games that are 'just' in 720p
Superiorrior  +   2580d ago
@ Varsarus

How many great 1080p native games on the PS3 are there?

Question: few to none

All the great games are 720p and some bad ones need the '1080p native' to at least sell some copies just for those that want to have a '1080p' game. I rather own the best games that are 'just' in 720p---

Gran Turismo 5/Prologue for one, idiot.
TheMART  +   2580d ago
Ah, a demo, without damage modelling and about the only one. So I said: few to none. You come up with one demo like that? That's pretty sad there.

Like I stated, there are many, many more great 720p games, there are few to none 1080p native games.
juuken  +   2580d ago
Seriously, don't you Xbots have anything better to do? Don't you have your Gears of War II to wait for or something? Don't you have to call customer service to have that RROD fixed? Why come here and start trouble when you're going to get pwned and very hard I might add?

Go back to M$ and continue sucking up to them. You're quite used to it by now, yes?
t-0_ot-  +   2580d ago
"Seriously, don't you Xbots have anything better to do? Don't you have your Gears of War II to wait for or something?" Seriously, don't YOU have anything better to do.. since ya know.. this is supposedly the PS3's year. Just answer a serious question for me.. if this is really PS3's year, then why are there so many PS3 fanboys on this site, dissing EVERYTHING 360? And, when is this so called ps3 year going to start, since apparently it hasn't started according to how long and how much PS3 fanboys are on this site.. everyday.
uie4rhig  +   2580d ago
cool.. i need to clean my PS3 from dust, this would have been helpful for me if it worked on the 60GB..
hey are the 60GB PS3's worth alot these days (PAL version), coz if it is, might actually put it on ebay..

anyway.. anyone noticed that the official ps forums are offline 'temporary'?

find it a bit weird? might be the random 'sign in with your psn id' switch..

i mean the EU forums ( http://community.eu.playsta... )
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narked  +   2580d ago
wow i wish i could do this to a pc.
uie4rhig  +   2580d ago
agreed, this would be very useful on any electronic device, consoles & PC's the most, as in to clean the dust, i couldn't care less about the test
Bonsai1214  +   2580d ago
or you can buy a can of dust off.. it was actually a lot louder than i thought i'd be..
nix  +   2580d ago
my PC fan hits the ceiling everytime i move a mouse...
anyway, i got 60GB. will have to do it manually, i guess.
packerfan80  +   2580d ago
has any one asked this question yet. WHY DIDN'T THEY INCLUDE THIS ON OTHER MODELS? is this fantest something 40gb is exclusive too since the 80gb has backwards compatability? WHY wouldn't the 80gb have it, cause the only way i can hear this kind of sound is when i put my ps3 in a small area with no venting.
Nitrius  +   2580d ago
Must be a way for the 60gb version as well?
I would love to see something like this on the 60gb version, since thats what i got. So, maybe there is a way of doing this on the 60gb version as well, but in a different way maybe?
spectyre  +   2580d ago
I can't believe how much dust came out of my 40gb when I did this. I thought I kept it clean but apparently alot of dust gets inside of these things.
packerfan80  +   2580d ago
i really want to know how to do that with an 80gig
Mikelarry  +   2580d ago
always knew theres was something special about my 40gb ps3. ill try doing this every 2-3 months. and thanks from me and my ps3 to the guy that posted this
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