Hottest Gaming Cosplay Of 2013

Hottest Gaming Cosplay Of 2013

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blackbeld1517d ago

Indeed WoW!

Look at those boobs. Yummy.

Mounce1517d ago

I'd love to sleep on them.

guitarded771517d ago

She's totally nip-slippin' in the first pic.

Voozi1517d ago

Don't hit on me you silly boys~

GarrusVakarian1517d ago

Anyone got the number for Miss Marvel?

Quicktopick1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

1st dibs on her!

AbyssGravelord1517d ago

Look at all this blatant misogyny! These women were forced to cosplay for men's enjoyment! /s

dcj05241517d ago

It's truly terrible. How could these evil men do this to them?

XboxFun1517d ago

Power Girl for the win!

Seriously, the fact that NeatherRealms studios hasn't thrown in Power Girl is puzzling. Considering she has all the makings of a NeatherRealms female character.

Big Boobs - Check
Over Powered - Check

..... That is all.

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The story is too old to be commented.