Console Monster: Time Crisis 4 Review

Console Monster writes: "I can't remember the last time I went to the arcade down my local bowling alley. It seems as though the arcade scene is slowly fading away - reserved for those special trips to the seaside. But if there's one game that has always stuck in my mind for arcade gaming, it would have to be Time Crisis. I remember spending hours of my youth blasting away with the light gun. It's no surprise then that in 1997 - two years after the title was introduced to the arcade - the PlayStation was given what could easily be called a revolutionary new way to play computer games.

A lot has happened in twelve years though. We saw a brand new millennium, Elton John tied the knot, even Millwall made the FA cup final! Add to those happenings, and we've went through three editions of Time Crisis and now it's on its fourth on the PS3. Needless to say, this game has to be played with the light gun that is provided. It's worth mentioning straight from the off that the light gun isn't wireless. You have to plug in two USB devices: the light gun itself and two small sensors which obviously pick up the infrared signal from the gun.

It's not the greatest of starts - especially because in this day and age, we've come to expect devices to be wireless. Secondly, there's no kick-back or recoil on the gun. It isn't on rails and doesn't give any feedback when you shoot - unlike the arcade guns. The gun itself is also somewhat modified from the usual also. The most notable difference is that there is now an extra part to the gun, for your hand hand..."

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Mr PS33900d ago

Shoot , Duck , Cover , Cover , Duck , Shoot


ssbains3900d ago

Problem with this game is there is no aiming reticule.

Majority of game is fun - your hand gets tired after a whilst. Graphics are suped up PS2 - not PS3 quality

Gun should have been made wireless and have some force feedback, rumble to be stellar along with an aiming reticule.

Sad thing is no other games out that support - can we get Sega to release House of the Dead 4 or Virtua Cop series. Perhaps a Resident Evil shooter would be good with a good story line.