Elder Scrolls Online Can Be Played Entirely Without Magic

Players can explore and battle across the world of The Elder Scrolls Online without ever using magic, according to a recent post on the game's official website.

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claud31451d ago

You could do that in any elder scrolls game and it is never that hard to do

-Gespenst-1451d ago

You should've popped an "inb4" in front of that haha.

claud31451d ago

LMAO, man i never thought of dropping that in there

RavageX1451d ago

Exactly. I generally don't fool with magic....ever.

Unless I have a mage character(rare).

I wonder how well guilds are done, like the brotherhood..

Blank1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Seriously they making it seem like it is new, I would rather hear "elder scrolls online can be played entirely without monthly fees"

Donnieboi1451d ago

But...$15 a month to play? Even Netflix costs only half that amount and we get access to millions of shows/movies. $15 A month is too much for ONE game. Unless Bethesda is offering the ability to play it's entire catalog of games for $15 a month (like Netflix, Napster, Sony's Music Unlimited, and other sub-based offers), then i'll have to decline their off offer. $4-$5 a month is more like it. And they better iron out the bugs because fallout and skyrim were notorious for bugs. Other than that, no thanks.

MizTv1451d ago

I was thinking the same thing
I hate pay to play

Summons751451d ago

But it's fine when other mmos have a subscription and if they go f2p or are launched like that they are horrible.....good job being a hypocrite.

SilentNegotiator1451d ago

...the person has to actually SAY/DO something opposing, to what they said/did themselves, in order for you to call them a hypocrite.

dreamoner1451d ago

If the game's good&populated enough, PaytoPlay's worth it. Tho I hate mixed offers; like PaytoPlay&F2P together or worse; PaytoPlay + in game shop or way worse; all three together.

Should be either PaytoPlay or F2P(with or without shop)

zeal0us1451d ago

Why not shoot for the middle ground, B2P?

cellur1111451d ago

Bethesda isn't even making this game.

dreamoner1443d ago


Yeah that's better but not many MMOs use it. I know only Guild Wars.

PaytoPlay games needs to be B2P first tho :P

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ChrisW1451d ago

Yeah... but it can't be played without paying a monthly fee.

So... Not interested!!!

RE_L_MAYER1451d ago

magic is fun...the only thing I suck at is enchanting and alchemy

1451d ago
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