Ready Yourself for Metal Gear with the Online Name Generator

As most of you already know, the public beta for Metal Gear Online will commence this month for those who had pre-ordered the games single player counterpart, Metal Gear Solid 4, or for those who are waiting to play the beta in Europe with the PlayStation Store being revamped. In the meantime, it's best if you think up a codename fast before another frag-fest-fan snatches it before you.

Still can't think of any, then use this old friend, The Metal Gear Name Generator. I got Grand-Master Bobcat, what's yours?

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Hellsvacancy3301d ago

if u live outside europe just make a new psn account for the european psn store (4 those of u that didnt know)

kwasirubonkerz3301d ago

im sayin lol because its often the case us europeans make american and japanese psn accounts

Jim Crowslaw3301d ago

it gave me Bohemian Python lol, i might use it

Storm233301d ago

Nice name, haha

It game me Energizing Chimpanzee, lol.

nix3301d ago

that's what i got! LOL!

"Bohemian Python" sounds way better... q:

Sev3301d ago

I got Gaseous Anaconda

Put in my nephews name and got Crossbow Snake. Thats pretty cool.

abuze3301d ago

I typed my name and got "Bullwhip Lemming"
quite funny.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Genius Crocodile

at least i'm a reptile.

Sev, did you type in Solid Snake?

Timesplitter143301d ago

It gave me Automatic Baboon LOL

I am SO using that!

stunt2133301d ago

It gave me Javelin Gila-Monster wtf is that supposed to be lol

PR0F3TA3301d ago

Ancient Hawk

i'm not that old =(

freakyzeeky3301d ago

I got Chocolate Ostrich... I may use that. ;)

nimrod3300d ago

mine is "Gauntlet Bison"

I think i'm gonna use it :)

CrazyMystical3300d ago

yea baby top that it sounds better than my PSN ID lol

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Regret3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Grenade Skunk, rofl.

I typed Decoy Octopus and got "Back-Alley Puffin" lmao.

Bloodshedder3301d ago

Im "Iron Eagle" sounds weaked and eagles eat snakes! Eagles FTW!!!!!!!1

Knightmare3301d ago


"Your code name for this mission will be Hammer Bluebird"

Hammer Bluebird:

"Roger That!"