45 years of PC mice - an illustrated retrospective

Did you know that the buddy you use on a daily basis on the PC is 45 years old now? If not, German site gathered a lot of old and current mice, weird ones and well-known ones, and put them together in a retrospective. Nice read.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3838d ago

I thought the first mouse was a rock with cave drawings on the side.

Supa3837d ago

Forget about the first mouse, where's my eyetracking mouse or how about that brain interface? :-P

tplarkin73837d ago

When referring to input devices, the plural of mouse is "mouses". Look it up on

Extreme_Coolcat3837d ago

something I didn't know honestly...

SaiyanFury3837d ago

Man the old mouse designers would have a heart attack looking at my Logitech MX Revolution...