Question of the Week: Are Games Worth $60?

With game prices dropping so quickly after release, is saving a few bucks more important than being part of the conversation during launch? If so, are there any instances where you’d bypass your cheap ways so as not to miss out on an experience?

Jeff gives his answer to our Question of the Week: a definitive maybe.

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Excalibur1912d ago

Unless all my friends are grabbing the same game and we all intend to play together my day one purchases have dropped way off.

I find myself waiting longer and long to get to my magic price-tag before I pull the trigger, too many $60.00 disappointments.

cleft51912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Ultimately, a game is worth whatever you are willing to pay for it. Some games are overpriced at $10 and other games are a steal for $60. I played Demon's Souls for over 700 hours and I only paid $35 for it new. For me, that game was a steal. I have paid like $5 for some games and wish I had my money back.

PopRocks3591912d ago

Some games are. But it would be great if game prices were a little closer to that of DVDs and Blurays. People would be far more inclined to get more games in that scenario.

MonkeyNinja1912d ago

Exactly! I've been saying that for years!

There are far more people willing to pay less for a game because it's less of a gamble. $60 is a lot, and you can't sell it back for much. But if a game costs $20, people are much more likely to buy it, because even if it sucks, it's not like it cost that much. This is why mobile gaming is taking off, because games cost $1-$3! You automatically increase your chances that someone will buy your game.

Just like if games cost $120. There would still be those willing to buy games for such a high price, but how many? At least 50% of gamers that pay $60? I don't think so.

Publisher's need to get their heads out of their @ss.

PopRocks3591912d ago

It's the rise of costs as well. Publishers keep trying to make games look bigger, better and badder (lol 80's lingo) and this leads to AAA games costing more to make.

Look at Square Enix's reboot of Tomb Raider. That game sold over three million copies and it STILL was not profitable. This is a growing trend in the industry and something has to happen to keep it from going further down a road where good devs and publishers are closing their doors.

Indie games on the other hand are much cheaper to develop a lot of the time, but the toss up is their visuals will probably not be on par with the PC version of Battlefield 7 lol.

JackOfAllBlades1912d ago

My sentiments exactly, some really are, but some are failures or need to be bought in the bargain bin

MonkeyNinja1912d ago

It depends on the game and the consumer. Also, the consumer's budget.

For the most part I think $60 is far too much for most games this gen. $40 is a good price for most games, though.

I also think PSN and XBox LIVE games need to be cheaper. The devs make a LOT more $$$ off of a digital sale than retail, but the games are still $60 to download. There's a reason Steam is so successful.

kariyanine1912d ago

At release most AAA games are still $50/$60 on Steam.

Activemessiah1912d ago

Yes... as long as it has a single player campaign mode that is offline.

dcj05241912d ago

Warhawk was worth every penny. I'd pay $70 for that bad boy. Same with battlefield 2 or battlefield vietnam. Hell I'd pay $40 for counterstrike source. A 9 year old game btw.

BOWZER351912d ago

It would be awesome if they were 20 to 40 dollars, or if i was rich.

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