Three games that should have been more successful

For Gamemoir, Charlie Roberts takes a look at three games that deserved more attention.

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ApolloTheBoss1937d ago

Hey now, that game was pretty badass. Hope there's a sequel.

Highlife1937d ago

The only game I have played where the game got better if you turned off the volume.

Godmars2901937d ago

All of those games came out at time when FPS burnout started, and Alpha Protocol was widely reported to have horrible, unfinished, mechanics.

ChuckieRoberts1937d ago

Yup, it was around that time. People were just a bit sick of hiding behind a conveniently waist high wall and shooting things.

And the mechanics are absolutely flawed, that game dug its own grave by not employing some elbow grease and just cleaning it up. Past that, though, in terms of narrative, it's very intricate and enjoyable. Guess that's a preference thing, though!

Hellsvacancy1937d ago

Singularity was a good game, I think I was the only one that played it, I quite liked it

ChuckieRoberts1937d ago

I've made a note numerous times to play that but haven't gotten round to it. I'm doing a huge generation clear up before next gen so I'll probably pick it up, because it does look fun.

Eldyraen1937d ago

Good game: sort of a Bioshock-lite experience. It had a crazy setting but was part of the game's character more than your standard shooter. At the time anyways was a good explanation on "what is was".

I played it in consoles first but bought cheap on PC and haven't finished it again yet :( Just one of those games I liked a lot and want to play more of but other games/RL distracts me.

InTheLab1937d ago

Wayy underrated. A solid shoot that happens to not be CoD much like Metro...

AznGaara1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Idk about Bulletstorm.. but for me

Bayonetta - That way EVERYONE would actually get Bayonetta 2.
Valkyria Chronicles - This truly was a gem. Came out along some blockbuster games that took all the spotlight. Still one of the best JRPGs/SJRPGs of this gen.

Eldyraen1937d ago

One I think should had done better is Enslaved. Not a great game but better than many that sold much better and rather solid experience. Sort of like Heavenly Sword (although HS>Enslaved IMO).

A ton of gems this gen that didn't get attention they deserved.

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