'BioShock Infinite' for half off or more for PC, Season Pass marked down too

XMNR: PC gamers that have been holding out on a good deal for BioShock Infinite may have gotten their wish Tuesday as GreenManGaming slashed the game by 50 percent and the Season Pass by 30 percent. You can even get an additional 20 percent off the first person shooter.

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Excalibur1939d ago

Now this needs to happen with the console versions.

Excalibur1939d ago

Why would anyone disagree with a price reduction?
Oh never mind, I forgot where I was...

luisvideogames1939d ago

Bioshock Infinite on PC was very under-whelming, it's a good thing I pirated it so I wouldn't waste my money.

brish1939d ago

... and people wonder why a lot of games don't come to the PC.