Were Microsoft Points Really That Bad???

Clickonline writes "And so the Microsoft Point dies.
The Xbox 360 system update currently rolling out across the globe is replacing Microsoft’s prominent point system as we speak... well read... technically, I’m typing.

In their stead, you’ll discover nifty currency values for Avatar Items, Downloadable Content and Games on Demand. For instance, where just two weeks ago, The Brigmore Witches DLC cost 800 MP, it is now valued at $9.99.
Modernity, thy name is Microsoft."

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NYC_Gamer1934d ago

I like the idea of using real currency to buy items instead of some points

JackOfAllBlades1934d ago

Agreed. Yes, yes they were that bad.

jackanderson19851934d ago

the main thing i'm going to miss about the points is that there was opportunities to pick them up cheaper if you shopped around... can't see shops now offering €60 euro card for less than €60

dktxx21934d ago

I got $20 PSN card and a three month PS+ card (worth $18) for $20 at best buy. Opportunities will still be there.

jackanderson19851934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

i meant in ireland (cz i'm confusing like that).... i'm mainly stuck with gamestop and smyths... if they offer it for €60 i'd be impressed

hankmoody1934d ago

It was a little annoying when you wanted to make clean even purchases and ended up having to pay for more than what you needed for any given purchase. It wasn't the WORST system but it's just a better deal to be able to buy with cash.

Chapter111934d ago

Yes, and don't let them fool you into thinking anything else. Points were the biggest scam in history.

GarrusVakarian1934d ago

Yes they were. It seemed they set it up so that you always had slightly less point than you needed, so you had to buy more even if you only needed 20 more points.

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