Xbox One sold out at GAME

UK retailer GAME has sold out of its launch day stock of Xbox One.

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HammadTheBeast1762d ago

Lol. With the amount of advertising GAME have put out for XboxOne I'd hope so.

XB1_PS41762d ago

Somehow, someway, you made it sound negative.

1762d ago
sincitysir11762d ago

Hammad is not a Sony gremlin. I honestly don't know which side he prefers if any

DragonKnight1762d ago

Here's another way.

So it sold out, but how many units did GAME have?

Selling out 100K units for example isn't as impressive as selling out 500K units. Those aren't accurate numbers of course, merely ballpark numbers.

JoySticksFTW1762d ago

"He's just another Sony PR gremlin"

Honestly dude, I've seen you pop up on more than a few websites praising MS while downtalking Sony like it's your job. Seriously, multiple websites.

And you call him PR gremlin. LOL, ok man :D

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thrust1762d ago

GAME by me loves playstation more.

Did you just make that up?

Thought so!

JackOfAllBlades1762d ago

About time, and doubt there is very many allocated for the UK

falviousuk1762d ago

Both systems will sell out for launch. Thats a no brainer. And eBay sellers will sell for a decent mark up

NextGen24Gamer1762d ago

I agree. How much each console will sell will have more to do with how fast Sony & Microsoft can manufacture the consoles and get them out to the public.

Retailers have already been stating that both breaking records.

Though I give Sony the edge in regards to getting more consoles to the market.

1. They are a hardware first company
2. Their console uses more off the shelf parts, while Microsoft's is incredibly customized with it's cpu & kinnect.

Gaming fun awaits!!!!!

adorie1762d ago

Sony and Microsoft, both have customized APUs. -_-

XB1_PS41762d ago

Sony being a hardware first company doesn't mean much. Manufacturing, is manufacturing, yet the custom build for XB1 will most likely be a harder feat to accomplish due to the extra steps. I agree with #2. :)

DoesUs1762d ago

Ah Elite, once more trying to spread the fud. Both machines are off the shelf parts at their core, with customizations to suit each. Not just XB1, but just as you always do, you like to spread misinformation.

Sam Fisher1762d ago

After the article of sony might have manufacturing shortages, seems like ppl have no choice but to get xbone

FlyGuyHung1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Thats not logical. According to N4G, XboxONE buyers will only get one if their back are against the wall. ;)

CRAIG6671762d ago

Sorry, forgot where I was for a moment...

MasterCornholio1762d ago

Thats because of the insanely high demand at launch which isnt a bad thing for Sony. If someone really wants a PS4 they will wait instead of buying an XBOX One.

Bundi1762d ago

I want a ps4 but I'm gonna get an Xbox one because there might be shortages later on?? Am I an idoit?

thrust1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

If you send only a couple of consoles to a shop you can claim it sold out fast.

Sold out = lots of playstation 4 sold! ?????????

Thegamer411762d ago

Same could be said about this article, or you didn't think it applies to the Xbox One as well?

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No_Limit1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

It is good news of course and xb1 will join the PS4 as the products to have this holiday. But...this is N4G and a positive Xbox

MasterCornholio1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Whether its positive or negative depends on the amount of consoles that they sold.

Selling out a million at launch is much better than 100k for example.

This goes with any device.

BTW how many are they selling at launch? For PS4 its going to be a million consoles in north america but im not sure about the numbers for the XBOX One.

thrust1762d ago

Millions of Xbox ones for North America, fixed that for you.

Sevir1762d ago

Lol! Thrust is trying to justify his purchase of the Xbox one...

thrust1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


How am I?

If I wanted to do that, all I have to say is xbox live and dedicated servers!

Did that burn a little, sorry mate no hard feelings, ok pumpkin.

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