Do Video Games Kill?

Games have been portrayed as the cause for the last 20 years. It all began with the popular first person shooter, DOOM, sharing the blame for the Columbine shooting. The Sandy Hook shooting last Christmas was blamed on Mass Effect. Yet, despite all of my research, I have yet to find any other form of media being blamed for mass shootings, whether it be movies, music, or even books. This says only one thing; the mass media has painted a big red target on the video game industry, and will look to undermine it any chance they get.

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Crazyglues1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Yeah before you ban video games, first please go ban guns, then come back and tell me how many people were killed from a video game..

Last time I checked easy access to guns is the real problem, but sure blame video games if that makes it easier to not address the real problem.

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1548d ago
akhmenhawk171548d ago

No. Incorrect gun laws play more of an important role.

mfletch5121548d ago

I would say that it is unstable people that kill people, not guns, not games. killing is against the law.. has been before games and yet murders occurred. People need to be able to access medical attention and psych evaluations before they are allowed to kill. also, it all comes down to parenting... games with killing are rated M for 17+... if you think that it causes them to be murderers then why do you keep buying them for them?

GryestOfBluSkies1548d ago

its just an easy cop out. dont blame bad parenting, or people who are just not mentally right... blame video games because its easy.

way2fonky1548d ago

Yes. time and boredom are the only victims I know.

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