Review: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition (DarkZero)

DarkZero staff writer Dominic writes "I was pleasantly surprised when Castlevania: Lords of Shadow released in 2010 - mainly for the fact that it was a great 3D Castlevania game that I thought would never happen during this generation's home consoles. It was a departure from the norm, since Castlevania, for the most part, has offered quality 2D action-adventure titles on handhelds, holding up its part of the Metroidvania sub-genre that fans love to throw out at anything that features similar gameplay mechanics. Lords of Shadow went in a different direction, aiming for new players to come to the franchise by focusing on the action side, cloning such games as God of War and slotting in its own lore. This worked, because Lords of Shadow is the most sold entry in the Castlevania franchise. Now, three years later, PC fans can experience the tale of Gabriel Belmont with this fantastic PC port that removes one thing that spoilt the console iteration of the game, the fluctuating sub 30 frame rate."

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cunnilumpkin1731d ago

the pc version looks better than most next gen console games will look, native 1920x1080, 1200p, 1440p, 1600p

60 frames

most importantly though, NOT covered in jaggies like the ps3/360 versions

if the console version is an 8/10, the pc version is a 9/10

free dlc, insanely better graphics, way better performance

starchild1731d ago

Yeah, it really does look amazing on PC. It can finally live up to its potential.

I pre-ordered it on Steam and it is such an amazing game. I already played in on PS3 a while ago, but playing it on PC is so much better of an experience.

MWH1731d ago

it's simply, beautiful.. unfortunately I already played it but I don't mind having the pleasure again just for the hires visuals and smooth frame rate.

Hassassin1731d ago

1440p looks sweeter, but it's not suddenly the best game ever (based on what i played of the demo). Still buying it as I like the setting and didn't get a chance of playing it on consoles.

starchild1731d ago

It was already one of the best games ever on the consoles. Now it's even better.

I think this game was criminally underrated by people expecting it to be like past Castlevania games. It was one of the most beautiful, memorable, and just plain enjoyable games of this generation.

Hassassin1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I was talking only about the graphics... I haven't played it full so can't comment on the other aspects of the game.
I just wanted to say 1440p or not, graphic-wise it still looks like a console-port.
Edit: I LOVE the art-direction though!

Domstercool1730d ago

Demo is the worst part of the game. :D

pandehz1731d ago

Good game.

On chapter 2 atm

cunnilumpkin1731d ago

totally, own it on ps3, but still had to grab this for the better resolutions, AA, and better performance

loved it on ps3 but the jaggies and slowdown made it rough to play

now its perfect!

9.5/10 for me :)

starchild1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

That's about what I would give it too. I have no real complaints about the game. The combat is really good and the platforming is great (could be slightly frustrating in some parts, but nothing too major).

The graphics are stunning, both in technical and artistic terms. And the story it tells is one of the best I have experienced in gaming. I relate so much more to Gabriel Belmont than to many character's in games. And the soundtrack is phenomenal.