New PS4 Details: No Game Streaming To PS VITA While Running Netflix on PS4 and More

Sony President Shuhei Yoshida has just confirmed that Playstation 4 gamers won't be able to stream game on to PS VITA while Netflix is running.


The source article has been updated with more information (i.e second part of the title) related to Shuhei Yoshida Quote on "PS4 games can't be installed via Disc"

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Majin-vegeta1457d ago

If my lady wants to watch netflix.She can do it on the PS3 but she ain't going nowhere my PS4 :p.

latincooker2141457d ago

WOOOOOOOOW Majin its like that bro RESPECT dude RESPECT +bubble.:)

latincooker2141457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

ooooook y in the blue hell did i get 8 disagrees for saying RESPECT to Majin. ??? and Bundi what u mean by WHAT did you not read what Majin said. ???

SonyWarrior1457d ago

i need a gf/wife first to relate to this

guitarded771457d ago

@ SonyWarrior

Nah... they're expensive. Better not to relate.

Oh topic: Well duh... using remote play requires system resources... watching Netflix requires system resources. Everything you do on the PS4 requires system resources, and gaming is probably the single most system resource hungry feature of the platform.

sonarus1457d ago

Why in blue hell do u feel the need to rely on agrees and disagrees to validate your comments and statements.
While streaming games to vita is a nice addition, I am not particularly interested in it since I don't own a vita and don't really have a reason to own one. I used to have a psp that I left on the plane and never bothered to replace. I am not a big fan of handheld gaming mostly watched movies on my psp as entertainment when I travelled but now with iPad handheld is essentially useless to me.

AlaaAlii1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

@latincooker When I read your post, at first, I thought there's a thing called "bro respect, dude respect". But then I read your post again, and realized you meant "WOW Majin, it's like that, bro! Respect, dude. Respect. +Bubble". Punctuation man. Punctuation.

Anyways, can't wait for the PS4!

SecondSon1457d ago

Luckily I can stream Netflix on to my TV from 3 other devices, my ps3 and my laptop and phone over DLNA (Y)

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Muerte24941457d ago

Just for those who didn't read the article. The PS4 demonstration @ Gamescom had no physical(bluray) games installed on the HDD. These were all digital copies. That would explain it only taking 7 seconds to jump into a session. Shuhei confirms that you will not be able to download a physical copy to your HDD. Unless there is some serious pre-order incentive, I'm buying digital. I hardly trade in my games anyway. I also only buy games I don't plan on selling.

SoundGamer1457d ago

All Blu-ray discs will have a partial background install to the HDD for quick booting and loading anyway. It's the same thing.

hkgamer1457d ago

I think those people having a conversation on twitter were stupid. I thought it was obvious that the games were digital copies.

Mark Cerny also mentioned about installing games whilst playing. This is probably/most likely referring to when you download/install games whilst you play.

One thing I do like to know is if netflix/any other streaming service will be able to remote play onto the vita. anyone know?

Also if physical games will have any mandatory installation?

shadow27971457d ago

Why would you want to remote play Netflix? The quality will be awful and the sound will be compressed. Why wouldn't you just use the Netflix app on the Vita?

All games will install to the HDD and run off of it. There won't be any wait though. It will install the parts you need first, first. Just like when you download the game.

Destrania1457d ago

Plus the BD in the PS4 reads 6x faster compared to PS3.

badz1491456d ago


that would be 3X faster. the PS3 has 2X BD drive.

ABizzel11456d ago

The first accessory I'm buying with my PS4 is a 1TB - 2TB HDD.

nirwanda1456d ago

It may be quicker from disk if it can pull information from the hdd at the same time as the disk.

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Inception1457d ago


I think Bulma can make PS6 in the blink of an eye. So i'm sure she will not mess up with your PS4 :P

Majin-vegeta1457d ago

The thing is.I'm no longer tapping Bulma :P.Instead i'm getting back at kakarot for defeating me by tapping his wife ;P.But hey you're right xD.

Darrius Cole1457d ago

Vegeta, if you think Chi-Chi is going to give you some then you are smoking some potent dope.

But back to the point. Doesn't Bulma prefer hand-held devices? She is more likely to take your Vita than you PS4.

christian hour1457d ago

The best part about this entire article is all the DB jokes that Majin-Vegeta has spun off.

Gamepur need to put their thinking caps on, they got a lot of things that are common knowledge at this point very wrong in their article.

These aren't multi-tasking power PC's, of course you wouldnt be able to do much, if nothing at all, while streaming your game to your Vita. Common sense people :P

Can't believe they thought Cerny was talking about discs back in february :-/

FamilyGuy1457d ago

LOL, that's literally expecting the console to run both netflix and a PS4 game at the same time. The answer here was obvious.

Dir_en_grey1457d ago

All they need to do is come out with a Netflix app for Vita

IMightBeRetarded1457d ago

The vita does have a Netflix app.

badz1491456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )


lol...where have you been all this time dude?'s ok. maybe you're not from Netflix supported country like I am. that's why you maybe don't realize the Vita already has Netflix app. I almost forgotten about it too.

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cjflora1456d ago

This has been my plan as well. The PS3 will become the primary Netflix box and I will use the PS4 to stream my PS4 games to my vita if the tv is in use by someone in the family watching tv.

Akuma2K1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

@majin-vegeta funny....bubble for you.

Sorasixx1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Lol at least you are honest bc she's do whatever on the ps3 and you majin-vegetathe ps4 is all yours to play and watch Netflix I respect you real talk bro :)

truechainz1456d ago

yeah idk why anyone expected that to be a thing. Either way with my PS4+Vita and Wii U, the amount of netflix watching, awesome gameplaying, web surfing combinations I will have next year will be almost sickening.

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jujubee881457d ago

It would have been deal if VITA didn't display certain stuff from PS4 (via remote play).

This isn't that. The guy basically wanted to use remote-play while still having TV display sh*t. Hence, he stupid. Oh he stupid.

andibandit1457d ago

cancelling my preorder


logan_izer101457d ago

Isn't this to be expected? Even a good PC would have hiccups streaming a high quality game to a portable device while watching Netflix