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2K Games are making a lot of effort to bring back the X-COM franchise to its glory days. It started with Enemy Unknown, a re-imagined version of the original from 1994, continued with the expansion to the mobile market, and now with the recent release of a new entry – The Bureau. A game that isn’t afraid to mix both action and strategy elements and create a unique experience suitable to newcomers and fans alike.

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Pintheshadows1934d ago

If it didn't have Xcom on it this could have been special. I mean that. The Xcom held it back.

BlackTar1871934d ago

Xcom is an amazing Game I mean Xcoms in general how does it hold it back?

Pintheshadows1934d ago

It first of all means that the game can't be its own thing which it desperately wants to be but can't because of the Xcom tag. That may sound odd as it was always an Xcom game but I have a feeling that was a business choice rather than a creative one.

The story also suffers by trying to fold and mangle a narrative in that fits with Xcom canon. It doesn't work.

I think if they'd taken the Xcom out and made a game with a better narrative and the same gameplay and kept the 60's setting which is one of the games strong points, created a new race of aliens to fight and it would have worked just as well. It would have been unique,

And with its tactical battles it could have been compared to Xcom rather than being judged against it.