Bungie’s Destiny: creating a believable new world

Edge:In the first in a series of in-depth interviews exploring the making of Destiny, we speak to Bungie’s art director Chris Barrett to find out how the studio is building a persistent, online world that its players can relate to.

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malokevi1571d ago

Uhg. How many times does Bungie need to outline their "creative vision" to the media? Show me some gameplay.

If this game doesn't live up to their hype... I won't be surprised.

Not to say that it doesn't look awesome. I'm just sick of hearing them talk about it.

malokevi1571d ago

Oh, I've seen the E3 demo... assuming that's what your linking.

I mean MORE... lol. That demo was fantastic, though.

CRAIG6671571d ago

Even my Grand parents have seen that footage, I also want to see more.

BallsEye1571d ago

Last ViDoc had more footage.

voodoogts1571d ago

Gameplay looks like Halo.

Septic1571d ago

Well the shooting elements does bear a strong resemblance to it.

CRAIG6671571d ago

Fully agree, I would say there are many aspects of the game that pay homage to Halo, some people will see that as a negative some will love it, I fall into the latter category.

malokevi1571d ago

halo is awesome. Halo in an open world-mmo format? hell. yes.

Tiqila1571d ago

Im far more interested in this game than in Titanfall or Killzone Shadow fall

Jeff2571571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I am definitely more interested in this than Titanfall as well. Although I also definitely will be getting Killzone Shadowfall and that should hold me over until Destiny comes out. The thing I like about Destiny the most is being able to play through it alone if I chose and then other days work alongside other people on it. With Killzone Shadowfall the ability to create your own warzone or play other warzones that people have created will also add some longevity to KZ too.

MadMen1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Excited for this, not only does it look good (bungie has never been a graphics beast company) but finally players from all around will get to see the best elements of what made Halo great and it also and most importantly looks FUN.

naBs1571d ago

The amount of hype I have for this's just unbearable xD