Highest Earning Video Game Companies of 2013

Gamerzpedia: Take a look at top 10 highest earning video game companies of 2013 (according to their reported revenues).

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kalkano1638d ago

Damnit, Sega! WHY WON'T YOU DIE!?

jamz41638d ago

...because they make plenty money

blackbeld1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Are those numbers for real? Where is the source?

I have my doubts. Better put I don't believe it.

DoctorJones1638d ago

This is at the end of the article blackbeld -

'Note: All revenue figures have been taken from the official reports released by the companies.'

blackbeld1638d ago


Yes, I noticed that. But those reports are they reliable? Who will control and verifying it?

DoctorJones1638d ago

Well if they're from the official financial reports blackbeld then yes they are reliable. The companies aren't allowed to lie about their financial earnings, otherwise they would land in deep fraud doo doo.

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Rikitatsu1638d ago

Probably because they make better games than your favorite publisher.

kewlkat0071638d ago

Didn't think Microsoft Studios would be up there..

ZHZ901638d ago

Sadness no Take 2(or R*, 2K or Irrational). :(

awesomeabe19981638d ago

Funny how Nintendo made 6.47 Billion! They barely released games. Wait until the sales come in for next year with pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World and the one after with SSB4 and Mario Kart 8.

1638d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.