Xbox One Exclusives: Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome and Forza 5 Day One Editions Detailed

Microsoft has just revealed final details regarding Day One Edition of Dead Rising 3, RYSE: Son of Rome and Forza 5. The details are related to the exclusive contents that all these Day One editions will feature.

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malokevi1937d ago

I'll probably get all three of these games, but I definitely don't care about any of this content. Yawn.

blitz06231937d ago

Remember the days where we play to unlock these types of content instead of paying more or buying the game earlier?

malokevi1937d ago

Yeahhh it was nice...

I'm hoping there will be unlockable content. It's better when games have achievable goals.

I don't care to have everything, as long as I'm not missing out on something important.

latincooker2141937d ago

DAMN i sure do blitz. the good old days man. lol i make it sound like it was 20 years ago.

gigoran1937d ago

Oh Forza 5? You mean the game on a disc that is incomplete and won't function until you download the remaining parts? Oh yeah... awesome day 1 release.

truewittness1937d ago

Well that's not entirely true. Look it up again hater.

gigoran1936d ago

actually it is. Pop in the disc without downloading anything and it won't work. Source: the people that made the freaking game.

truewittness1936d ago

Actually you're wrong.

BTW, your "Source" was terrible :/

gigoran1936d ago

actually you're wrong.

BTW, you get upset pretty easily don't you? But I guess when someone says something bad about your wonderful microsoft you would get all defensive. You probably cried... what am I saying! Of course you cried hahaha.

gaelic_laoch1937d ago

All the DLC is probably accounted for the disk even if the actual game is not!

falviousuk1937d ago

go troll elsewhere, if you are not interesting this game then why are you even here commenting. Just to troll a comments section. How sad you are

Spoons1937d ago

You would be surprised how little of a life some people have.

mcstorm1937d ago

@gigoran I take it you would say the same about GT5 then?

gigoran1936d ago

Why? I inserted the disc after purchasing it while offline and it worked straight away. Nothing downloaded. Amazing right? A game disc that does what it is supposed to do! Like, it has everything on there that it needs to function! Mind blowing!

mcstorm1936d ago

@gigoran you mean you played the broken game? Or are you talking about the 2nd version of the game which came with all the patches?

gigoran1936d ago

Broken? Ohhhh you mean in your opinion it was broken! I see... well no offense, but your opinion means about as much to the world as a waterproof towel. Wait wait I take the back. Actually I do hope it's offensive. Now you can go back to your microsoft worshiping.

mcstorm1936d ago

@gigoran Im a massive GT fan and got GT5 on day one but even I could see it was broken that is why we had patch after patch for the game. In fact sorry broken is the wrong word unfinished should of been the word. I am no fan of 1 company I own a 360, PS3 and a Wiiu. Im also getting a one and PS4 as they all offer games I want on them. I was just making a point that people on here have short memory's and GT5 was unfinished when it came out at that is why the update for the game is massive and they pushed 2.0 out 12 months later to help make the game near what it should of been when it was forced by sony to get it out into the shops.

Also you did not answer my question which version of GT5 did you buy?

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trafalger1936d ago

the amount of time it took you to write these comments online you could have patched your game. now my mind is really blown.

truewittness1936d ago

Upset? Whose upset? Probably you because you're trolling. I'm just on n4g to correct any fanboy...(I.e. you). I could care less about the consoles.

And apparently you didn't read the article where Aaron was speaking. You have old news and info. You just hear and read what you want to hear and read.

Now that's sorry, very sorry.

Oh yeah, I've been here for 6 years. You been here for a 3 months and probably on your 5th account...Now whose the fanboy???

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voodoogts1937d ago

Why do Microsoft get all these DLC exclusive first like on Battlefield COD and the Division. Not fair!

Swiggins1937d ago

Dolla Dolla Bills Yo....

There really isn't any other reason.

HolyDuck1937d ago

The three games in this list are Exclusives anyway, so I don't see why it matters? =/

PS4 is Getting exclusive Destiny DLC so.

falviousuk1937d ago

For the above first two, are you in the PS4 comments complaining about exclusive content for the games on PS4 and commenting on dolla dolla bills given by Sony to thos companies, i doubt it, your just here to troll xbox articles, again such sad people

justSumDood1937d ago

Your question should answer itself.
Yes, theres the money being paid.
But, i think the bigger reason, and also the reason why so many developers/publishers are giving their support to XB1 this early is...


The people involved in making games have been crying for it for years. Micro was/is making it happen. Its not that hard to understand.

Animal Mutha 761937d ago

As Harry Enfield used to say in a brummie accent.

I (MS) have considerably, considerably more money than yow (Sony)

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mfletch5121937d ago

i hate preorder bonuses...