Style over substance - Is Suda51 running out of ideas?

VideoGamer: "Suda51 has an imaginative eye, but as a director he's on the downturn: a creator of great-looking worlds with nothing to put in them."

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NYC_Gamer1938d ago

I feel Suda makes games that are 100% aimed towards his fan base which he should be doing

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Lord_Sloth1937d ago

Agreed. We see what happens when Capcom tries aiming at other fanbases.

wishingW3L1938d ago

Style over substance? Exactly how all his games are!

admiralvic1938d ago

Exactly what I came to say.

SuperLupe1938d ago

I'm a sucker for style. I know I'm the kind of guy who would play or game or watch an average movie if its stylish. For instance Only God Forgives is a very average movie, but I couldn't resist it simpy because of the art style.

Same goes for Suda 51 games, the art style for me compensates for the lack of depth. Back in the day I bought a Xbox just to play Jet Set Radio Future. It wasnt the best game in he world but it was so stylish its one of my favourite games.

wheresmymonkey1938d ago

Isn't that the point of his games, I don't think he's running out of ideas either. they're still far more imaginative than most of the stuff churned out these days.

He makes the games that he wants to make. Simple as. I wish there were more games makers out there with the balls to do that.

JackOfAllBlades1938d ago

I really enjoy uniquely styled games, no need to go more mainstream

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