Killer Is Dead Review: Blunt Instrument | Polygon

Polygon: "Killer is Dead would almost work as a parody of some of the worst elements of the last twenty years of video games, were it not so dead serious — and pathetically incompetent. Grasshopper Manufacture has made a name for bucking and subverting conventions and traditional ideas of good taste, but they’ve never made a game this mean-spirited, or deeply mechanically flawed."

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featurepreacher1907d ago

This talk about sexism coming from Arthur Geis is quite surprising given his talk about date grape in episode 132 of the gamespy debriefings. I guess Polygon is giving him his orders to be offended by sexism now and not make funny jokes about it. Also listen to how he felt about the Penny Arcade cartoon involving wolves.

Go to time stamp 21:05 to hear the hilarity ensue.

Moreover you can hear his musings on the word antics in this episode.

Go to time stamp 08:27 to start the funny.