IGN- Killer is Dead Review

IGN:Killer is Dead presents some good ideas smothered beneath technical flaws and tonal inconsistencies.

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NukaCola1513d ago

Didn't know much about this game, but the reviews are all over the place. This is the lowest I saw.

MrBT1513d ago

No surprise there! I saw a LP3 preview by IGN singing its praises, the review of it didn't exactly paint the same picture!

Goro1513d ago

Who takes IGN seriously, it looks like the developers couldn't afford to bribe them

Swiggins1513d ago

Or you know....the reviewer just didn't like it....

People are so quick to assume that every game reviewer gets paid off for good reviews...

Goro1513d ago

I didn't say every game reviewer, i said IGN

InTheLab1513d ago

They paid someone. The metascore is still 83 on launch day despite the numerous low scores.

Strange math over at metacritic....

nick3091513d ago

Yea, the game is pretty good, i almost beat the japan import.

WarThunder1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

People and their useless stupid reviews.... Just like LostPlanet 3 (people believed IGN review and started insulting capcom lol)

One opinion over thousand and they believe it like sheeps...

WarThunder1513d ago

Disagree(3)? Truth hurts for sheep people...

InTheLab1513d ago

The game looks terrible. All style and no substance.

j-blaze1513d ago

stupid review...getting the game regardless of what score it gets!

CrossingEden1513d ago

You say the same crap on every review that isn't giving this game a 9 or above, it's all style and no substance and I GUARANTEE you won't be playing it a month after you waste your money on it.

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