Gaming can improve and extend your life…seriously.

My optometrist recommended video games to improve my tracking and to teach my eyes to work together. This gave my parents a reason to buy me an NES (Nintendo) and I have been a gamer ever since. I now have a masters degree, am a librarian professionally, and can only say that gaming has so much to teach our children if we would bother the get the syllabus together for it. For an example: “oh your child doesn’t want to read books, but wants the new Pokemon game? Wonderful! The Pokemon series has no voice acting and your child will be reading a small novella of text for abilities, story, and game mechanics.

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Ilovetheps41908d ago

Jane McGonigal who is in that picture and talked about in the article is a very interesting person to listen to. She speaks from a different perspective than you most people do these days. She has a great video about how gaming can actually change the world for the better. If you ever have the chance, try watching this video:

She's a very good speaker and will make you feel great about being a gamer.

DrNikki1908d ago

I actually included that video in the piece. :)

Ilovetheps41908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

DrNikki, she has actually done two different videos with Ted Talks. You embedded her second video into your article. I linked to the talk that wasn't in your piece. They are both great talks though. I would suggest people to watch both of them if they have the time.

clearelite1908d ago

Video games, just like many forms of entertertainment, can be either harmful or beneficial depending on a variety of factors.

"Gaming can improve and extend your life" so yeah, duh. But it's great to see a positive article about video games for a change.

skydragoonity1908d ago

I'll play games till its the last of us...

Tyre1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Only 5 comments? This is one of the more sane articles out there! thx for posting. Sadly only a few will take notice....sad state of affairs. People are too busy being lied to by conservatives and dealing with the overexposure of negativity by politicians ruled by fear & money instead of taking time to think more clearly as their position in society mandates.

DrNikki1907d ago

Very true, and thank you!