White Xbox One may be sold to the public 'way in the future'

Members of the Xbox team will receive an exclusive white edition Xbox One, along with a year's supply of Xbox LIVE and all first-party titles for free on launch day, it's been revealed – and it may be released to the public at some point in the future.

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Abash1935d ago

I think the Xbox One looks better in black, and if they do release a white unit it would look great in all white. I just dont think the white and black mix in that exclusive model looks all that great

CRAIG6671935d ago

Perhaps a white slim model further down the road....

Mystogan1935d ago

It does look better in black. But I definitely want dat white controller!

SouthClaw1935d ago

I think the kinect looks the worst. It should be all white not black with a bit of white.

Blaze9291934d ago

my question is why do manufacturers only release a product in one color in 2013? I mean it so hard to add at least one more? And it's always black.

3-4-51934d ago

Not sure if they realize Humans can see over 5 million colors.

We like things besides just black and white.

They do this because they can't grow a pair and actually take a chance and surprise us for once with a cool new color.

* Red, Blue, purple, Green, Aqua, Teal, Light blue & Light Brown, White + colors , Black + colors, Blue + White, Grey, Silver, ect........ seriously guys

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Godmars2901935d ago

So, within a year? Next Holiday season 2014?

Cmk01211935d ago

I like the black more but hate that they do this, early adopters get less options and while it makes business sense to mass produce limited amount of colors it sucks as a consumer showing loyalty and you get less options.

Septic1935d ago

What kind of bus do you have in your country?!

stage881935d ago

Looks a lot better in white. Much less VCR-ish.

Tei7771935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Agreed, but I never trust these promo shots. Have to see it in person :)

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The story is too old to be commented.